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Today is September 1st and to me that is the first day of fall (technically I know its not but hey to me it is).  I know that while I am sweating watering pumpkins today that soon they will be out of the patch and sitting on my porch with a crooked smile carved in them.  Fall is my favorite season I love the rich colors of brown, red and orange, it smells of cinnamon, pencil shavings, burning leaves and the first crisp chilly breeze.


Fall starts the holiday season and I am a Christmasholic (Oh yeh I made that word up) and now that the days are shorter and colder I can really get to down to business on some Christmas planning.  Fall also brings Halloween and I love putting on our jackets and taking Dean in his costume door to door and hoping he can say trick or treat just once while we watch the other kids running down the sidewalk with their plastic pumpkins full of candy banging against their legs.  Our last stop on Halloween is my grandparent’s house where there is a big pot of Moggie’s amazing vegetable soup and crackers smeared with butter for us to eat while the kids dump out their buckets on the floor trading Smarties for bite sized Milky Ways and discarding anything with coconut.

Of course I cannot forget Thanksgiving, I love to spend a few quiet hours on the sofa with my family, big fluffy cinnamon rolls and the parade before all the cooking madness begins.  We then get all dressed up and head over to my grandparent’s where we have outgrown the one dining room table and now have two card tables along with the regular table in order to fit our growing family.  The water glasses, tiny dishes of olives and the sound of high heels on the hardwood floor symbolize this is much more than a regular dinner.  After the last slice of pie is eaten we girls gather up the days newspaper to scan the Black Friday ads and decide if we are going to brave the early morning cold to stand in line to score some deals.  Between you and me standing in line at 2 o’clock in the morning laughing and drinking hot chocolate is better than the deals.

There are a ton of things about fall that makes it my favorite season the pumpkins, the leaves, apple cider, pies, boots, scarves, finally being able to snuggle up under a warm blanket on the sofa, warm soups, frosty mornings and everything else synonymous with Autumn.

So even though it is 80 degrees out I am off to pull out my sweaters, dust off the crockpot, unfold the quilt and stock up on cinnamon. Happy Fall!!

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