Hey guys!! I just came out with my third cookbook!! This one is all about the air fryer! My new book The Ultimate Air Fryer Cookbook has 240 recipes you can make right in your air fryer! Everything from breakfast to dessert and in between!  

I am in love with my air fryer and am always amazed at how many things you can make right in the air fryer and how delicious everything is that comes out of there!

The air fryer already makes everything in half the time and with my easy recipes everyone loves and anyone can make you will have amazing meals in no time!


Coming out September 29th, you can get your copy today at the following retailers.

In it are so many great recipes that are easy to make like 
Roasted Red Pepper Hummus and Pita Chips, both made in the air fryer
Loaded Skillet Cookie
Luscious Butter Cake
Burger and Tots Skewers
Three Cheese Mac and Cheese