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Candy Corn & Peanut Rice Crispy Treats

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Candy Corn & Peanut Rice Crispy Treats

So I was in Target the other day (one of my most favorite places) and as I’m getting ready to check out I see a bag of candy corn mixed with peanuts.  Now I like candy corn, I know it has a ton of haters but I like it, I am the only one in the house that eats it though, even Dean won’t touch it, how does a 4-year-old know candy corn isn’t good?!

So I am looking at that bag and thinking how good the salty peanuts must be with the candy corn which reminds me of these rice crispy treats my grandma makes with peanuts in them and voila this recipe for Candy Corn & Peanut Rice Crispy Treats was born!

Now everyone knows how to make rice crispies, you can even microwave them, so it is easy peasy and I just followed the normal recipe and threw in a cup of salted peanuts and a cup of candy corn in with the cereal, dumped all the marshamallowy goodness on top, and gave it a good stir.

These treats are heavenly!  They are the perfect bite, crunchy, salty, chewy, sweet, perfection.

Even if you are among the candy corn haters you should give these a try because they are just awesome!

Candy Corn & Peanut Rice Crispy Treats

Candy Corn & Peanut Rice Crispy Treats

Candy Corn & Peanut Rice Crispy Treats


  • 3 tablespoons butter or margarine
  • 1 package, 10 oz., about 40 regular marshmallows or 4 cups miniature marshmallows
  • 6 cups puffed rice cereal
  • 1 cup salted peanuts
  • 1 cup candy corn


  1. In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat.
  2. In a large bowl add the cereal, candy corn and peanuts.
  3. Pour the marshmallow mixture onto the cereal mixture.
  4. Stir until well coated.
  5. Using buttered spatula or wax paper evenly press mixture into 13 x 9 pan.
  7. In microwave-safe bowl heat butter and marshmallows on HIGH for 3 minutes, stirring after 2 minutes. Stir until smooth. Follow steps 2 and 3 above. Microwave cooking times may vary.

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  1. I am definitely gonna try these. I have some peanuts and candy corn sitting on the refrigerator just waiting for a chance like this. Thanks for sharing. <3 Kim

  2. I love these bars! Rice krispie treats are my go-to sweet snack, they’re so simple to make. And I’m a candy corn lover as well, so definitely adding that in the next time around. Great photos!

  3. These are really cute but I must admit that I can’t really wrap my tastebuds around this because I don’t like rice krispy treats {I know, it’s almost un-American} or candy corns but I’m seriously thinking this is the dessert I want to make for an upcoming October party we are attending. I know there will be a lot of people that will like it. Thanks for sharing it at our Making Monday link party. We appreciate you. Have a fabulous weekend.

  4. Parrish, these look and sound so delicious and I just love anything with candy corn! :) Thank you so much for sharing them and joining us at Best of the Weekend! Pinning and sharing! Hope you have a happy Sunday and a wonderful week!

  5. So festive and fun! The most creative I get with rice crispy treats is to sometimes add sprinkles. Thanks for thinking outside the box, and maybe next time I can be more festive too :)

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