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Born and raised in Virginia I grew up addicted to Martha Stewart, her recipes, her crafts, I was hooked and strived to be just like her. In my day dream I envisioned myself in heels with a fancy updo preparing a roast for dinner while my husband reads the paper and my kids color by the fire place. Reality hit me hard lol!! I now frantically whip up dinner in yoga pants and a 2 day old messy bun while the kids fight and beg for dino nuggets as my husband is out the door to deliver milk over night. But you know what I love this version even more. As a busy mom I know how hard it can be sometimes, so I am here to help with easy crowd pleasing recipes that anyone can make and everyone will love. With two picky eaters I know the struggle so I try to make sure all my meals are picky eater approved. Along with all my recipes I throw in a dash of parenting and a sprinkle of DIY and a big spoonful of family fun!

Mama to Sam and Dean, wife to Daniel.

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This is the most kid friendly cookbook i have ever read. Of course, adults like these fast and delicious things, too. Even if you want to do a little more "scratch" cooking, this cookbook will jump start your imagination.
What a terrific book! This will definitely be a go-to source for when I need a quick and creative meal, or any meal for that matter! There is a ton of variety to all of the meals! Great recipes and stories to go with them.

Recipe Reviews

I made these last week and took them on our camping trip. We kept them in the cooler then heated them daily on a griddle for breakfast . They were delicious and such an easy meal. I’m about to make another batch for the upcoming week. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!
Im seriously so happy with how these turned out! I had always wanted to try stuffed shells and these came together so easily! They are definitely going in our dinner rotation!
Ah! I love this recipe! I don’t use my slow cooker nearly enough. This is the perfect recipe to get it out for! Gorgeous.

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