About Me

Hi! I'm Parrish!!

I am a blogger, wife to the milkman & nap deprived mama to 2 crazy boys. 

Born and raised in Virginia I grew up addicted to Martha Stewart, her recipes, her crafts, I was hooked and strived to be just like her.  

In my day dream I envisioned myself in heels with a fancy updo preparing a roast for dinner while my husband reads the paper and my kids color by the fire place.

Reality hit me hard lol!! I now frantically whip up dinner in yoga pants and a 2 day old messy bun while the kids fight and beg for dino nuggets as my husband is out the door to deliver milk over night.

But you know what I love this version even more.

As a busy mom I know how hard it can be sometimes, so I am here to help with easy crowd pleasing recipes that anyone can make and everyone will love.

With two picky eaters I know the struggle so I try to make sure all my meals are picky eater approved.

Along with all my recipes I throw in a dash of parenting and a sprinkle of DIY and a big spoonful of family fun!

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