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Zombie Blood Slushy

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So it’s that time of year again where we get to dress our kids up, walk them around the neighborhood filling their bags with candy until they finally sugar crash into bed leaving you to sit down and enjoy a handful of mini sized candy deemed too “suspicious” for your children. Hey you deserve it after spending 2 hours carefully applying sparkly vampire face paint and puppy dog noses on your kids only to have to spend another 2 hours trying to scrub it off now over-tired kids running purely on a sugar high.

However, this time of year also means something else…… The Walking Dead is back on!!! Ahh yes our favorite zombie (wait I think it is the only lol) show is back on and I can’t wait to sit on my sofa with my eyes glued to the TV tonight, and by glued I mean peeking through my fingers at any particularly gruesome parts while my 11-year-old sister watches without flinching.

The Walking Dead is a great show, I look forward to it, my family watches it together and yes my little sister does love it and it is probably wayyy too scary for her but she actually loves horror movies and every time I squeal and cover my eyes she sighs and says “Brr-Brr” (that’s what the kids in my family call me) “It’s just actors with makeup on and fake blood” as she rolls her eyes. Fake blood or not I’m still sleeping with the hall light on tonight!!!

But I still love it, I love being scared (to an extent) and I know zombies are not going to come busting through my door (although I was unsure for a while with that whole bath salts scare) so therefore tonight I will sit down and enjoy having the crap scared out of me a little!

Now in honor of The Walking Dead premiere tonight I decided to make a special snack for the family, one that we all love. This creamy slushy is also a great drink to serve on Halloween, its ghastly green color fits right in with all the witches, vampires and zombies the season brings us.

Dangle a gummi worm off the side for an extra ewwww factor and you will have a spooky drink perfect for a Halloween party, zombie show or monster movie marathon.

   Zombie Blood Slushy

Lemon-lime soda
Lime Sherbet

Basically you are just making milkshakes, so fill your blender with the sherbet and then add some lemon lime soda and blend adding more sherbet or soda to get it to your family’s preferred consistency and voila a cheap and quick snack everybody loves!!!

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  1. Love the Walking Dead!!! I tried to make Zombie truffles last year for the premiere, but they did not turn out – at all. I still have the stuff though (eye balls, bone sprinkles). I intend to attempt them again!

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