Fun Sandwich Ideas

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Dean thankfully loves sandwiches, any kind from ham and cheese to peanut butter and jelly.  I always make sure to buy the Hormel all natural nitrate and nitrite free lunch meat although I still cannot find nitrate free bologna   I saw a few sandwiches on Pinterest that people had created to look like cute animals and such and I decided to try my hand at those, then I branched off and made a few of my own.

Yes, making these sandwiches takes a little longer and requires a few extra ingredients but I have blast making them and Dean does enjoy them and I know as he gets older he will enjoy them even more.

I have no special tools to make the really fancy sandwiches and I don’t use seaweed or anything else like that to decorate them with.  I try to just use what is in my fridge and pantry and these are what I have come up with so far

(Sorry for the bad pictures, my hungry 3-year-old can only be so patient waiting for mommy to get a good shot lol)


This was my first one, very easy bird house.  Honey wheat, american cheese and honey ham, with pretzel sticks for roof, branch and perch and Target Brand Chickadees.

Then I tried owl from Pinterest, honey wheat body, chicken and cheese, cucumber eyes and tree top, pretzel branch and tree trunk, raisin eyes and cheddar feet and beak.

For this snowman I used white bread since honey wheat would make for a pretty tan snowman lol.  I used organic natural peanut butter and raspberry jam to make the sandwich and then gently rolled it flat with my rolling pin.  I cut out 3 circles using different sized cups in my cabinet.  He has blueberry buttons, fruit leather scarf, raisin face, cheddar nose and arms and had made out of the leftover crust.

Dean absolutely loved this train!  I made 2 sandwiches, one turkey and cheese and used it to make the body of the train. Then on white bread I made PB&J and free handed some clouds (the rest made nice snack for mommy!)  Then I used a vegetable peeler to peel off the skin of half a cucumber and used that for the stripes on the train.  I then used the crust to accent the train, and made a window out of cheddar.  Cucumber wheels and pretzel stick tracks completed the train for the teddy grahams to ride in.

This one is my favorite, chicken and cheese cut into a rocket shape with cucumber, strawberry and blueberry decorations.  A cucumber moon, free hand cheese stars (I really at least need a few cutters lol) and my favorite part carrot confetti blast off.  I just washed and peeled a carrot, and then continued peeling it in long, thin strips and just piled it up.  This method of doing carrots is great anytime because it makes a great presentation and is a different fun way to serve carrots to kids.

So there you go just a few sandwiches I made with stuff I already had at home and the extra few minutes it took to put them together was absolutely worth it when seeing Dean’s eyes light up when I give him his fun lunch.  I hope you try some and would love to see any pictures of cute lunches you put together for your kids!!
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    1. I love this idea! My kids love grilled chesee, especially with the cheap white bread and American chesee. Not the most nutritional meal, but I treat them every now and then. Most of the time I make it with real cheddar on whole wheat bread and then I feel like a better mom. My kids don’t enjoy it as much that way, though. ;-)

  1. We love grilled chseee at our house too! But for dairy allergy reasons we make it with soy chseee. The oven is a great idea! We usually make them on the griddle, but the oven would be even easier. Gonna try this one, thanks!

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