Surviving Summer with Banana Boat® and OFF®!

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Banana Boat® and OFF!®. The opinions and text are all mine.

Hey y’all!!  Ahh, it’s summer!  Time to spend the day hanging out around the pool or building sand castles at the beach.  The nights bring bonfires, s’mores and sitting on the porch rocker counting lightin’ bugs.

That is exactly how we spend our summer, days full of sunshine and fun at the beach or at my grandma’s pool or even just hanging out in our own front yard playing in the hose.  I have boys so keeping them entertained in the summer is key and getting them outside is the trick to getting all that energy out of them and making sure they crash early lol.

On the weekends we like to sit around the fire pit that is in between my house and my mom’s and roast marshmallows, some make it into s’mores, some we eat right off the stick while they are good and gooey!

Summer is just so great and I love that the weather is perfect for just spending so much time outside and soaking in all that sunshine and fresh air.

However, there is a small downside to summer.  See my boys are fair skinned and burn quicker than those marshmallows over the fire lol.  That is why it is soo important for me to protect them from that summer sun.   Banana Boat® has always been my go to for summer sun protection and it still is!!

Before we go outside everyday I make sure we are all lathered up with my new fav Banana Boat® SunComfort™ It is so easy to use and of course from a brand we already love and trust!  I really love that it is water resistant and my favorite part is it allows sand to be easily brushed off which is a lifesaver when I’m trying to get sand covered kids in the car lol!

Banana Boat

It is super easy to apply and I know my boys can enjoy their fun in the sun!

Having fair skin prone to burning isn’t the only hurdle we face in the summer!  We all get really bad allergic reactions to bug bites, where we get big old super itchy bumps.  We try to protect ourselves from insects at all costs.  That is where our trusty can of OFF!® Deep Woods Insect Repellent saves us every summer.  When we want to sit around the fire pit or chase lightin’ bugs the mosquitoes swarm and ruin the night but OFF!® insect repellent has us covered!

Off Deep Woods

Now we can enjoy all our summer fun without any worry and our skin will be protected!

Off and Banana Boat

So before your summer gets into full swing head over to Walmart and get your Banana Boat® SunComfort™ and OFF!® insect Repellent and have a happy summer!

Banana Boat and Off

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