Relaxing Mommy Time with OREO Thins

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Hey all you mamas out there!! It is summer break and that means the kids are home 24/7.  Right now my 7 year old is home telling me he is moving out on his birthday because I vetoed getting a hamster and my 7 month old is refusing to nap and would rather roll around on the floor trying to find all the lost Lego pieces which he is certain are going to be oh so tasty.

Needless to say this mama is a bit frazzled.  Every now and then I need a few minutes to myself to regroup and get myself back together before I head back into warzone.

One way I like to get a few minutes to myself is by going grocery shopping.  Yes I know this is not the most relaxing thing to some people, but heading to the store sans kids is a like a mini vacation.  I relish the days I can head to my favorite grocery store Kroger and just walk up and down every aisle, planning delicious and healthy meals no one will touch, and grabbing those chicken nuggets on sale because they have to eat something after turning down my Pinterest inspired dinner.

Kroger is definitely relaxing because with all their sales I know I will be saving a bunch of money and that puts my mind at ease.

This last week when I was slowly perusing each item on every aisle while my hubby held down the fort at home I stumbled across these OREO Thins and they looked so good, I had to pick some up!

OREO Thins at Kroger

Okay Okay I picked two up, but who can choose between Lemon and Mint!?!?!

Oreo Thins

I knew these OREO Thins were going to be my special treat, something just for me on those days when the kids are driving me crazy and I just need a minute and a little sweet treat to make it through the rest of the day lol.

These OREO Thins are amazing, they are so crisp and delicate but so full of flavor.  The Lemon OREO Thins have that perfect lemony tang that goes so well with that sweet golden OREO cookie, yum!

The Mint OREO Thins are heavenly!  That classic chocolate OREO taste sandwiched with a sweet, creamy mint filling, and so crispy!

Lemon Oreo Thins

These cookies are just for mama!  I am not sharing with those wild boys of mine.

Having these delicious cookies all to myself inspired me to make some real time for myself and you can too!

I am obsessed with bath bombs but don’t often get time alone to soak in a nice luxurious bath.  So I planned ahead and after I got the boys in bed I took a nice bath and had a just for me snack of OREO Thins and milk (you can relax with a more adult beverage too lol)

Yummy Oreo Thins

Take the time to really make this Mommy Time special, get a tray and pick up a new magazine, get a new bath bomb or bubble bath and your favorite lotion, light a candle or two and fix a snack of those scrumptious OREO Thins!

Bath time with Oreo Thins

This is the perfect way to relax and you will emerge feeling like a new woman!!

Of course on those days when you don’t have time for a bath it is perfectly acceptable to sneak off to the bathroom and take a cookie break for yourself!!

Oreos yum!

So head over to Kroger and pick up some OREO Thins and a little mommy alone time!

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