HP Instant Ink Program

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Instant Ink

Hey guys!! So you all know I love cooking, duh! So I scour the internet for recipes and when I find some good ones I get to printing. I print out so many that I am always running out of ink!

On top of printing out recipes galore, I print out my weekly grocery list and a menu to post on the fridge so I don’t get asked “What’s For Dinner?!?” a thousand times a day, now everyone knows. (here is my printable for my weekly menu, feel free to print it :)

Weekly Menu

As a blogger I also have a ton of forms to print and fill out, printable to create, the list is never ending!  As a mom I always have coloring pages and worksheets to print out for Dean.  Don’t even get me started on coupons!!!

So as you can see this mama can go through some ink.  One thing I never remember to put on my list to buy is ink.  When I run out it takes me FOREVER to remember to pick up a new ink cartridge and I always seem to run out when I have a million things to print.

HP Instant Ink

When I got my new HP printer (my old printer couldn’t keep up lol) I noticed a sticker on it advertising their Instant Ink Program.  Hmmmm, I think I could use this…..

So I looked into it more and this program is amazing!  Basically my printer will order more ink for itself!  Whaaaat?!?  No more running out of ink in the middle of a party printable rush?  No more running out of ink midway through my grocery list? No more coming home from the store to realize I forgot to buy ink again?!?

I was sold!  Then it got even better!  Once you buy an eligible printer you sign up for a monthly plan.  You can choose between a $2.99 plan, a $4.99 plan and a $9.99 plan based on your printing frequency.  Then when your printer is running low on ink it orders more for itself (has to be connected to the internet) and then your ink will show up in the mail.

You will NEVER be without ink again, because the printer orders the ink BEFORE it runs out, so you always have fresh ink ready and waiting!  I am amazed at the prices too, you can’t beat that at a store.  So not only is it saving you money, it is saving you time.  Depending on how much you print your savings could be $700 a year!  What more could you ask for?

So sign up and have one less thing to worry about, let the HP Instant Ink Program take of replacing your ink cartridges for you (at a great price to boot!)


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  1. Self-ordering printer? Almost sounds too good to be true. This is wild. Technology continues to amaze me each day. Thanks for sharing. I need to check this program out.

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