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This post is sponsored for PediaCare®, a brand I already love and trust.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Hey mamas.  Ahh fall is here, the weather is getting chilly, time for soups and quilts and sweaters and all things pumpkin.

It is also the beginning of cold season, every mom’s nightmare.  From here on out it is just a endless cycle of sneezing and coughing, sore throats and restless nights.


Having a little one with a cold is bad enough but then comes the struggle of getting them to take their medicine, and what a battle that always is!

Dean and I can have a battle of medicine that can last wayyy too long and when he isn’t feeling good and that isn’t fun for either of us.

So now when I hear that first sniffle and I know Dean isn’t feeling well I just reach for PediaCare® Slow Melts.  It is a fever reducer/pain reliever that is another great tasting product for PediaCare®.  It contains acetaminophen to reduce my little one’s fever and help his body aches.  The best part is it a chewable tablet with the great taste of cherry so there is no need for a spoonful of sugar to help this medicine go down!


The Slow Melts ™ are amazing, I have no trouble getting Dean to take them and I really like that they are pre-scored so I can just check the dosage chart on the back of the bottle and make sure I am giving Dean the right dosage.


I love that PediaCare is specifically geared towards kids and they know that medicine can be yucky and that is why they formulate medicines with kid’s taste in mind.

PediaCare is also celebrating their 30th anniversary of providing effective and great tasting medicines for infants and children, so you know it is a brand you can trust!

You can stock up for this cold and flu season by buying PediaCare® products at Rite-aid or even from Amazon.com.


So don’t do the medicine battle this season, get great tasting PediaCare® and your kids will be feeling better in no time!

How do you help your little ones feel better when they are sick?

PediaCare® has partnered with pediatrician and father, Dr. David Hill, author of Dad to Dad: Parenting like a Pro, to being you some great videos with tips on what to do when your child gets sick.

You can view Dr. Hill’s videos by visiting the PediaCare® YouTube page: https://www.youtube.com/PEDIACARE.

Here is one for you to check out now!

 Of course I wouldn’t leave you without the chance for you to win a PediaCare® care package which includes assorted PediaCare® products and a book!!!  So enter below for your chance to win!!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of PediaCare®.


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