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Michelle here from Michelle Lea Designs again.

As school comes to an end… hopefully some of you will be heading to the beach. We are sort of landlocked here in Oklahoma, but we spent many days laying on the white sands in Florida at our last duty station. In preparing for breezy summer beach days, I came up with a printable to get you ready with all of the essentials. It is just a small printable that you can print, fold, laminate and attach to your favorite beach bag.

I am also including my favorite items so far the summer.  I hope that you will share any favorites too!  I’m always looking for something new things to try that will make life easier, more streamlined, or more importantly… Make me look 10 years younger!!!  You know, priorities :)First, everything that you need to be ready for a fun and relaxing beach trip…

  • sunscreen.  I bought the new Hawaiian tropic silk hydration lotion and love it…. and I didn’t get burnt with the SPF 30 on all day at the pool.  Be sure to test out a little on the little babies.  Mine were always allergic to something in certain brands.
  • lip balm
  • beach umbrella.  These are monstrous sometimes, but so worth it when you are sitting on the beach.  Sometimes you can rent them at the beach.
  • hats.  See some suggestions in my favorite things section below.
  • towels… lots of them
  • blanket.  This is great to have with the little ones.
  • rolling cooler
  • chairs.  We have two of the nice folding ones that recline a little.  Just comfy enough, but not huge to carry.
  • food/drinks.  There is something wonderful about eating at the beach… well up until you get a mouthful of crunchy sand!
  • baby wipes
  • first aid kit.  This may seem like overkill… but after you have sliced open your foot on a rock, you decide that carrying a small kit is sort of smart.  Especially when it is mom who slices open her foot and is bleeding all over the sand.
  • hand sanitizer.  Another lesson learned.  I’m 90% against using hand sanitizer… after a test conducted in my microbiology lab in college, I’m a believer that hand sanitizer is not helping us by killing all of our good bacteria.  Good old fashioned soap and water is much better…. but when you go dumpster diving for your glasses that you threw away, it’s a good time for some hand sanitizer :)
  • bathing suit
  • cover-up
  • hair ties
  • flip flops
  • sunglasses
  • camera/music/headphones
  • hair brush
  • hair detangler.  This is awesome to have on hand for all of the ladies.
  • beach toys
  • magazines/books
  • cash
  • wagon with awesome wheels.  I never even thought of this till we went to the beach with my brother-in-law and family.  They have a wagon with all-terrain wheels and it is the most amazing thing to load up and pull down onto the beach.  A life saver.
  • and one last one that didn’t make the list… extra ziploc bags to bring home seashells that your little one picks up :)

Beach Checklist Printable

What You’ll Need:

  • Printer
  • Printer Paper: I prefer thicker paper approx. 26lb and 96+ brightness
  • Scissors or Paper Cutter
  • Luggage Tag Laminating Kid: You can buy self-healing or heat sealing sets.  You will need the self-sealing set if you do not have a heating machine like shown in #3 below.
  • Ribbon… optional for extra bling


Click on the image below to download the PDF file for your checklist


#1 Print your checklist.  I like to use the fine printing setting to make the image as crisp as possible.  Cut  out your print tight along the pattern image.  Your finished paper will be 7.5 inches long.

#2 Fold your paper.  You can use a scoring blade or just fold by hand.

#3 Carefully slide your checklist into the laminating pouch and either self-stick the pouch or run it through the heating machine.  I usually run the tag through the heating machine twice… just to make sure it is fully sealed.  If you don’t want to buy the special luggage tag kits, you can just use normal laminating sheets and use your whole punch and then follow step #4.

#4 Feed through the plastic connector or add some pretty ribbon to attach your tag to your favorite beach bag.  And just like that you are done and ready for your next trip to the beach!!


If you are taking an overnight trip to the beach this summer, don’t forget to print off your packing list HERE!!

… and now a few of my favorite things this summer

  • #1 Hawaiian Tropic Silk Hydration sunscreen.  I have loved the smell of Hawaiian Tropic since I was a child and drenched myself in their suntan oil (oh the things that our children will never experience… that and slamming down a phone receiver when you were mad…)
  • #2 Beach worthy tote bags from Thirty-One.  I have had the one in my pictures for a few years and it was actually named beach tote.  The one in this #2 photo is called the Easy Breezy Tote and I love this new pattern.  Gonna have to make a call to the thirty-one consultant.
  • #3 Bumble and Bumble Hairdresser’s Oil.  This oil will tame your frizzies, detangle, give you a slight shine and make your hair ohhh so soft.  I have used Bumble and Bumble hair products for over 10 years and I love them with all of my heart.  The Super Rick shampoo and conditioner is my favorite…. along with the tonic spray and the classic hairspray.  It is pricey but there is no comparison once you find one that you love.
  • #4 Havianas Slim flip flops.  Just the most awesome flip flops!
  • #5 Le Pen’s.  They are awesome paired with the perfect notebook.  I have an obsession in many many colors.
  • #6 Baseball hats in general.  I love my Dixie hat from Junk Gypsy and I love this hat that I purchased on Etsy from KBJs Monogram
  • #7 Laura Mercier concealer.  This concealer along with the #8 Jose Maran tinted moisturizer and some awesome mascara and bronzer is all I wear during the summer.  Both the concealer and moisturizer give enough coverage that I feel comfortable.  And don’t forget a great sheer lipgloss, maybe some NARS highlighter for an added dewey look if you are feeling extra special!!


I hope that you love the beach checklist and found some new favorites from the list.  Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the warmer temperatures that are on the way! Please come visit me at Michelle Lea Designs and say hi!


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  1. Wow – this is a perfect fit with the blog post I just did. These lists/labels are adorable. I love this idea. You could do the same on a picnic basket.

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