Have the Ultimate Playdate with Juicy Juice and Crayola

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Playdate #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

 I love to plan get togethers, I love it!  From big parties to play dates I love organizing it all.  I put together a little play date using Juicy Juice and Crayola the other day and we had a blast!

The weather this week was warm and sunny and the perfect day to pull out the kiddie pool.  So I headed to Walmart to stock up on supplies and plenty of Juicy Juice.

Walmart Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

Whenever I have kids over I love to make my life easier and purchase Juicy Juice boxes, they come in two sizes which makes it perfect for when I have older kids and little kids over, everyone gets the perfect size drink.  While in the juice section I also grabbed a large bottle of Juicy Juice in the berry flavor because I had the perfect yummy activity for the kids.

Crayola Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

 I love getting Juicy Juice for the kids because they love the taste, I love the little mess free boxes and that they are 100% juice!

 Juicy Juice #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

Since we were going to be outside and swimming I thought it would be a super fun project for the kids to make.  Not only it it easy but it shows kids how they can upcycle their juice boxes into fun boats for the pool.

While at Walmart I stopped by the Crayola section and grabbed some supplies so the kids could get creative with their sails for their boats.  I love how Crayola has so many different varieties of products for each stage of your child’s development.  Their supplies are perfect for helping your little ones express their creativity independently since they need no help from mom lol!

Juicy Juice Crayola #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

We love their colorful sidewalk chalk for those sunny days.

Crayola Chalk #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

When the weather is too gloomy to play outside I can pull out the Color Wonder and let them play without worrying about getting marker everywhere!

 Color Wonder #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

We started off our rockin playtime by making some gummies.  I love to provide nutritious tasty snacks for the kids and Juicy Juice helps me get there.  I knew I could mix the Berry Juicy Juice with unflavored gelatin and the kids could make their own fruit snacks.  This project takes minimal time and the kids love it!

I just simply mix the juice with the gelatin, melt it on the stove, pour it into the mold and pop it into the fridge for 20 minutes and voila, homemade gummi fruit snacks and you know exactly what’s in them!

Juicy Juice Gummies #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

The kids love eating these fun snacks and washing it down with a juice box.

Juicy Juice Fruit Snacks #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

When those juice boxes are empty we put them to good use and made Juice Box Sail Boats.

Have an adult cut the tops off of the juice boxes, I poked a slit with a knife first then cut the rest off with scissors.

Juicy Juice Boxes #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

Rinse and dry the juice boxes and have and adult use a glue gun to seal the straw hole.  Then hot glue a straw into the front middle of the box.

Let the kids get creative and color sails for the ships.

Straws #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

Then have an adult hot glue the sails to the straws.

Juice Box Sail Boats

There you have it, cute, upcycled sailboats which make the perfect project for a play date.  The kids can enjoy the juice, keep busy with a little craft project and then play with their boats in the pool!

Sail Boat #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

You can use Juicy Juice and Crayola to create your Ultimate Playdate and right now till September you can find specially marked packages of Juicy Juice products with up to $3 off coupons savings Crayola products such as Color Wonder and My First Crayola. Also you can find a $1 off Juicy Juice Instant Redeemable Coupons on specially marked packages of Crayola Color Wonder and My First Crayola products.

Coupons #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

So go to Walmart and pick up some Juicy Juice and have a blast at your play date!!

Playdate #UltimatePlaydate #CollectiveBias

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  1. I love the idea of making the kids Juicy Juice gummis and thenletting them design their own sailboats from the juice boxes! Seems like a great way to spend a morning for us this summer! #client

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