Holiday Baking Essentials!

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Hey guys!!  It is finally the holiday season!!!  That means baking and cooking!  I love cooking and baking around the holidays, creating new delicious recipes and sticking to my family favorite traditional ones.

Holiday baking can be so fun and around such a busy season we could use all the help we can get to make that baking a little easier!

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite holiday baking essentials.

First thing you need to help with all those holiday cookies is a Silpat baking mat.  You can turn you baking sheet into a non-stick surface which helps your cookies not stick and makes clean up a snap!  These Silpat sheets are also great for macaroons and meringues and anything other goodies you bake!  Easy to clean and can be used thousands of times!  These are definitely a must have in my kitchen!


Now with all the mixing and scraping to get all those different doughs and sauces perfect you have got to try these amazing Supoons and Levoons!  They are a wonderful help in the kitchen.  The Supoon is my favorite spoon in the kitchen.  It has a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides that help me scrape all my bowls and pans clean so I don’t miss a drop.  It’s deep scooping head measures teaspoons and tablespoons.  The handle is like having a built in spoon rest so the Supoon’s head sits up off the counter.  Perfect!!!


I love my Levoons!  They are genius level measuring spoons.  They look just like your regular measuring spoons until you squeeze their handles which makes a scraper swipe across pushing off the excess ingredients leaving you with a perfectly accurate level measurement.   They come in a set of 4 and make my holiday baking a breeze!


Now there is one product I just HAVE to have and it is the Butterfly Duo Scraper.  Everyone needs a scraper in their kitchen, they are good for so many things.  They are my favorite when it comes to scraping dough off my counter!  This scraper provides double the help with it’s soft and hard edges.  I use this for food prep and cleaning my baking mats and cutting boards, it is seriously my best friend in the kitchen.


One last awesome little tool everyone needs for the holiday season is a spice grater and my favorite is the V-etched Spice Grater.  This grater has tiny V-shaped etched teeth that easily grate your nutmeg and other spices (we all go through a ton of nutmeg this time of year right?!!)  It is palm sized and offers a non-slip grip which is why it is my go to!

Spice grater

So I hope this holiday season you will pick up these baking necessities to make your holiday cooking a breeze!  These items are all very reasonably prices but as a special little gift to you I am giving you the chance to win these amazing products for yourself!  Just comment below with your favorite holiday baking treat for a chance to win these for yourself!!

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  1. I love to make molasses cookies! They are a chore, but I can’t resist them! They just smell and taste like the holidays!!!

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