Why we love Target Up & Up Diapers!

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Target up & up™ Diapers

Hey y’all!!  I have got a new adorable little squish that I love so much!!!  Even though I have a new baby in the house that does not mean this is my first rodeo lol.  I also have a 7 year old son that I adore.


Of course with my first Dean I thought I had to get the big name diapers for his precious baby butt but then one day I just got fed up with the big name prices.  I was at my favorite place to shop, Target and I saw their brand diapers, up & up™ and I will admit I was drawn in to trying them because of the design and then the price lol!  I am a sucker for anything cute and with the little blue and green polka dots I could not resist!  The incredible price was just the cherry on top.


So I brought them home and I was amazed!!  They were super absorbent and didn’t get that saggy diaper thing that I hate!

Fast forward a few years and now I have a new baby, Sam and I knew right away that we would be using the up & up™ Diapers.


I already loved them and was super surprised to see they had made some improvements to their already amazing diapers!

Now they have a new breathable outer cover that is still just as soft as I remember and the breathability helps keep my little one drier.

There is also a new quilted absorbent core which is softer on my that baby hiney and helps keep the wetness locked away.

Speaking of wetness there is a new wetness indicator so all you need is a peek and you can tell if baby is wet.


If you have a good sleeper you will be happy to know that up & up™ Diapers offer up to 12 hours of protection for sizes 3 to 6.

One of the things I love the most is the hypoallergenic inner liner.  The Ultrasoft™ dryness liner on sizes Newborn through 2 is clinically proven gentle on skin. When your baby gets a little bigger sizes 3 through 6 have a Gentletouch plus dryness liner, which is soft and gentle, and all of the sizes are hypoallergenic.  That is so important to me as my boys have some sensitive tushies!


Now of course all of these things are super important and I love all of these features and know they will keep my baby dry and comfortable and leak free but my most favorite part of up & up™ Diapers are the designs!!  Cute polka dots and now little whales, I am in love!

You can try these fabulous diapers for yourself by trying a free sample! Just register HERE (Only while supplies last)

And remember if you do fall in love with these great diapers you are getting premium quality for a lot less than those big name diapers.


So ditch the pricey diapers and get up & up™ Diapers, I promise you will love them and so will your wallet!

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