P.F Chang’s Signature Dumplings at Home!

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This post is sponsored by P.F. Chang’s Home Menu and Mom It Forward.  All opinions are my own. 

Hey guys!  Around this time of year things get busy!  All the hustle and bustle of the holidays sometimes we need a little help when it comes to dinner.  Most busy nights I would be tempted to pick up the phone and dial take out but now I keep my freezer stocked with P.F. Chang’s restaurant-quality authentic Asian food from their P.F. Chang’s Home Menu®

They have amazing frozen meals and appetizers with made-from-scratch sauces and vibrant veggies.   So much tastier than takeout!  Now we can have delicious adventurous flavors any night of the week.


We have designated Wednesday as Wok Wednesday and that is when I reach in the freezer for some P.F. Chang’s Home Menu meals.  They even make the rice!  Wok Wednesday is a cinch now!

While everything they make is so delicious, today I am going to tell you about their amazing dumplings which are a family favorite here.


Just like a traditional Chinese dumpling, these dumplings are made using delicious pork shoulder,
succulent dark meat chicken and unlike take out you are definitely getting a good amount of meat in every dumpling . The wrappers taste just like homemade with just that right amount of chewiness.
We love the Signature Chicken Dumplings with their dark meat chicken, shredded cabbage, sliced scallions and P.F. Chang’s has you covered by even including a Signature Sauce packet.
The Signature Pork Dumplings are to die for! Ground pork, shredded cabbage, sliced scallions again with a fabulous Signature Sauce packet.
We often have these dumplings with some rice for dinner but they make a great appetizer to the skillet meals or to serve at a party.
So get a little adventurous this week and have your own Wok Wednesday with the vibrant flavors P.F. Chang’s Home Menu brings straight from the freezer for a hassle free fun meal!
For more Wok Wednesday inspiration, visit P.F. Chang’s on Pinterest.

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