Halloween Buckets with Slim Jim

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Halloween Buckets filled with treats and delicious Slim Jims to keep everyone fueled up for Trick or Treating!


Halloween Buckets are so fun to make!  I make them for everyone, kids, family, friends, they are just so fun to create!

This year while shopping for some spooktacular goodies at Walmart I stopped over to grab some Slim Jims.  Slim Jims are a favorite in our house!

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They are quick mess-free snacks that I can keep in my purse for any time one of the kids, or my husband or even my grandma start to get a little hangry.

I knew I would need to stock up and make sure I had plenty for all the upcoming Fall festivities!


Kids getting a little grumpy pumpkin picking?  Slim Jims can fix that!

Parent’s getting a little hungry waiting for the kids to pick a costume?  Good thing I packed Slim Jims!

They are also great to take Trick or Treating to get a little protein in everyone before the candy fest!

Okay back to these buckets though!!

Slim Jims (1 of 1)

I like to create buckets that appeal to everyone and since the kids are going to get a ton of candy (and of course shares with us adults right?!) I tend to not put any candy in my Halloween Buckets but I knew Slim Jims would be a great addition because everyone loves them!!  Plus they help keep everyone fueled up for a long night of Trick or Treating, us parents definitely need the boost lol.

Slim Jim Halloween Buckets (1 of 1)

You can head over to SlimJimBoldBreak.com and create your own virtual bucket to help inspire you before creating your real bucket.

Hungry for Halloween


I loved going through and choosing all the different spooky goodies to add to my virtual bucket, it gave me so many great ideas when it came time to shopping for my Halloween Buckets.

Slim Jim Halloween Bucket (1 of 1)

Best part about creating your own virtual bucket is you can share them on your social channels so everyone can see your creation and be entered to win $500 prize!


You can even go back and enter every day for your chance to win!

I had a blast picking our fake vampire teeth, spooky pencils, masks, skeletons, and how cute is little cup?!?

I just filled up these little tin buckets with all my goodies and how awesome does it look!!!

Slim Jim Bucket (1 of 1)

So head over to SlimJimBoldBreak.com and create your virtual Halloween Bucket, then share it!! I want to see what you made!

Don’t forget to head back every day and enter the sweepstakes for your chance to win that awesome $500 prize pack!

Then go to Walmart and get all the fabulously spooky things you need to create your bucket, and don’t forget to pick up some Slim Jims to stick in there (they are the best part!!)

Happy Halloween and I can’t wait to see what you create!!!!


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