Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

So I have a couple of fess ups this week…. one is I am always late posting my Fess Up Fridays, always.  Today I am late because I have been looking for this picture I know I have to correspond with this post and I cannot for the life of me find it, oh well here goes.

My second one is one I just remembered last night.  When Dean was a baby and teething he got hold of Harvey’s (our chihuahua) plasticy blue chew bone.  And Dean was running by 8 months, so I had this extremely mobile baby that wanted to stick everything in his mouth which was nerve-wracking all day long.   So of course he stumbled upon Harvey’s toy bone and right in the mouth it went and I swear I had to wrestle it away from that child.  Of course everyday after that he would find it wherever it was and chew till I caught him.  And he would cry and break my heart because I spoiled the crap out of him and I didn’t want to make him cry.

So in my dumb moment I bought him his own chew toy bone, just like Harvey’s except green so we could tell them apart (what was I thinking, I must have been sleep deprived)  Of course I had to make sure it was BPA free and all that jazz and it was made of the same stuff his own teething toys were so I gave him his and baby and dog sat happily chewing their toys and mama could get some work done finally.


What mama failed to realize is dogs are colorblind and baby’s don’t give a shit about colors so they were sharing which made caused me to freak out and still to this day makes my stomach turn, bleh.

So in the trash the bones went.  A quick apology to Harvey and a new rope toy for him and a quick dry of Dean’s tears and yet another variety of teething toys went to him and all was quiet again.

And I laid in bed that night and had to ask myself “Did I really buy my son a chew bone?”  In retrospect it was the same as a teething toy but I realized then how far a mom might go to get a few minutes of peace when she has a teething baby lol!

Now for a more recent confession, this week I left the lid of the baby powder open.  I don’t remember doing it but I did and we all paid the price when while cooking dinner I noticed Dean was being a little too quiet and I go in the bedroom to find this



So how was your week?  Anything to fess up??

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  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that baby powder mess looks AWFUL!!!
    i will fess up that now that it is summer holidays my kids watch an enormous amount of television. bad mama!!!! haha!

    1. It was!! Everything tasted that way for days lol! Dean watches too much tv too, so I’m a bad mama right there with ya lol He watched Sanjay and Craig the other day and picked up the term “Poo-Poo Princess” parenting fail lol!

  2. Yes, you cracked me up with this one!! But it made sense – I know what you’re saying!! LOL My son, long ago, also found some powder while no one was watching. What a mess! I have to find those pictures again. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I can’t tell you how many times I have seen Dino and Balboa both chewing on things, Dino one time let Balboa lick his food then ate it….but he survived. LOL

    My sister choked on powder when she was a toddler and my parents almost lost her…so I freak out when I see powder around. Scary memory…That is the one baby tool I keep high on the closet shelf.

    1. Lol yes!! They survive but it still grosses me out bleh lol Kids and dogs share tooooo much lol. That is so scary about your sister, I thought Dean was too old to mess like that but I’m going to put it away higher after your story, scary stuff!! Thanks for coming by :)

  4. BAWHAHAHA!!! Love it! Dogs are colorblind…cracks me up! I don’t think you are crazy. I’ve let my littles chew on lots worse to keep them occupied. I hate teething!

    Thanks for linking up to Babies and Beyond, and for the great reminder to keep the baby powder out of reach! LOL

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