Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

I know I know!! I haven’t done a Fess Up Friday in forever.  This mama is wiped come Fridays.  Anyways, we just had Dan’s big 80s movie themed birthday which was amazing and I was quite busy with decorating and cooking for that and making our costumes.  Then Dean had to go to the dentist twice (more on that later) and things just got nuts around here.  Things have calmed down some for the moment so here I am.

Dean has been actually pretty good lately, he seems to be growing out his “bad” phase a little which is nice.  We sadly discovered he is allergic/intolerant to popcorn, it makes his puke like crazy, which sucks because he loves it.  He scared the crap outta me the other night by jumping from my bed into his crib and hitting his stomach on the side of his crib and immediately puking allllll over our blankets.  He was fine but by the time I cleaned everything up, cleaned him up and redressed and tucked into bed I was too tired to try to find and pull out a clean heavy blanket for myself (we were going on midnight people!) so I figured my light sheet would be fine for a 30 degree night…..not!!  Frozen sleep deprived mommy!

The other day Dean got a Jake toy (from Adventure Time) and Dan said who is that Dean? To which Dean replied “It’s Jake……from State Farm.”  We seriously lost it then, funniest thing ever!  Sure it shows that he probably watches more TV than he should but hey it was funny!

Last night he moved every animal/dino toy he owned into the tub -_-

PicMonkey Collage

So here is one of my Fess Ups for the week.  I feel like a bad mom this week.  Dean has really weak enamel on his teeth and I guess really soft teeth and it all adds up to some dental issues.  We went to the dentist before and she told us just to keep an eye on it.  Well the other day it caused him some pain so we made an appointment the next day to have him seen by a new dentist, well the pediatric dentists are married and had a baby like that day so they were both out and he had to see a regular dentist, and you know that just did not go over well, they just weren’t experienced with kids and Dean can be a handful so they made us an appointment with another pediatric dentist another day.  So one awful dentist appointment down and another one looming, we were not happy campers.  So that appointment went better, he is going to be scheduled to have dental surgery at the Children’s Hospital so they can just do everything all at once and just be done with it.  I feel like bad mom because even though it’s just the make up of his teeth I still just feel responsible.  I mean I know I brush his teeth like I’m supposed to, hell I even had one of those little gum scrubbers before he even had teeth.  Despite everything it was a losing a battle.  I know I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, but let’s face it’s in our mom DNA.   #MomGuilt

Fess Up #2 is Dean has a runny nose today and doesn’t feel good.  He wanted chocolate ice cream for lunch, and that’s what I gave him. #IDidToo

Fess Up #3, I bribed him with the Lego Movie Wii U game to be good at the dentist.  He got it and a Lego pillow. #WorthIt

Fess Up #4 I didn’t proofread this post. #AndImNotGoingTo

So mommies what do you have to Fess Up to this week??

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