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Buffalo Chicken Salad Boats

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This post is sponsored by Acorn and Pillsbury.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Hey y’all!!! It is football season! That means the season when your house gets overrun by lots of hungry fans yelling at your TV. Of course that also means I am in charge of snacks when it comes to the big game.
While I am not the biggest football fan, I am a fan of football grub and I of course also love to entertain, so give me a football game and I’ll go all out on snacks! I’ll cheer for touchdowns if it means I get to munch on some delicious game day snacks.

So while I may not be rooting for one team or the other I am definitely up for hosting get togethers to watch the game.

As much as I love the food and the party I always want to get in and out of the kitchen as fast as possible so I can enjoy being with my friends (and of course eating lol) so I like to create quick and easy meals that are takes on regular football food.

I came across these Old El Paso Mini Soft Tortilla Boats while I was stocking up on all my big game usuals at Walmart and they are my new favorite thing ever!!  Anything I can put in them I do.  You get to think beyond just tacos and taco salads, these little boats can be filled with anything!  Sweet, savory, chilis, sandwiches.  I am pretty sure we eat all our meals in these boats now!  They are so delicious and so cute!  They are also the perfect vessel to getting all this deliciousness in your mouth!

Mini Tortilla Boats

These Buffalo Chicken Salad Boats are the perfect gameday snack!  They have all the flavor of everyone’s favorite buffalo chicken wings with ranch but in an easy to snack on mini tortilla boats.  I even threw a little lettuce in there to make you feel better lol.

Wings and football go hand and hand but the thought of a bunch of rowdy fans jumping up and down with saucy wings is not my idea of a good time.  Plus you are always certain to find at least one or two discarded bones that didn’t quite make it to the trash.

So these bowls are my solution!  A delicious solution at that!  I just toss baked popcorn chicken in a little butter and hot sauce, they fill up a tortilla boat with some lettuce that has been mixed with ranch.  Then I top with those spicy chicken bites and an extra drizzle of ranch because it is everyone’s favorite!

Buffal Chicken Salad Bowls

I love that I can whip these up in just minutes which is great because they disappear just as fast!

Mini Buffalo Chicken Salad Bowls

Buffalo Chicken Salad Boats

Buffalo Chicken Salad Boats


  • 1 pound precooked popcorn chicken
  • 1/4 cup melted butter
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup hot sauce
  • Old El Paso Mini Tortilla Boats
  • Salad mix
  • Ranch dressing


  1. Bake the popcorn chicken
  2. Melt the butter
  3. Pour the butter and hot sauce over the chicken and mix
  4. Mix the salad with the dressing
  5. Put salad in each boat
  6. Put chicken pieces in each boat
  7. Drizzle extra ranch over top
  8. Serve

Buffal Chicken Salad Mini Bowls

Check out this easy video to see how to make these spicy snacks!

So this game season make sure you are stocked up on Old El Paso Mini Tortilla Boats and you will always be ready to create some amazing recipes for your game day goers!

Buffalo Chicken Bowls

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