Easier Mornings With Jimmy Dean Delights Frittatas

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Hey guys!!  I know you are all in the middle of enjoying your summer but we have to start preparing for back to school soon.

I don’t know about you but when the kids have to go to school it makes my mornings 10 times more hectic and rushed than usual.  Not only do I have to get myself dressed and ready but Dean has to get up and dressed for school (a battle to get him out of bed every morning) I also have to dress and feed the baby and get Dean fed.

Then it’s shoes and coats and bookbags and did I remember to pack his lunch?

Things around here get so crazy in the morning there is no time for this mama to have a breakfast.  That is until I discovered Jimmy Dean Delights Frittatas.  I found these in the freezer section and they are amazing, a lifesaver!

Jimmy Dean Delights

I need a boost of energy in the morning with these 2 boys and I always try to watch my carbs so these are perfect for me!  They are packed with protein to keep me full and full of energy!  The Delights Turkey Sausage and Bacon Frittatas are the ones I already reach for, the double punch of protein amps up their delicious flavor!

Turkey Sausage & Bacon

I love that a few minutes in the microwave and I have a warm fluffy frittata for breakfast that is ready in minutes and portable!!  I need that for those morning when I’m literally running out the door!


Jimmy Dean is always my go to for breakfast and I am so happy to have found these amazing little frittatas!  There is so much flavor packed into those little frittatas and they are just so delicious!  I love the sausage and bacon flavor that comes through, so yummy!

Jimmy Dean Fritattas

I am really loving that the Jimmy Dean Delights Frittatas are made with real ingredients like whole eggs, lean meat, and real vegetables which is so great and help me give my family a delicious, wholesome breakfast to start the day off right and fuel us all up!

Check out this video of a morning swap and you can see how to power up your morning!


I am so glad I found these before the new school year, I am going to make sure I keep my freezer stocked so this mama will always have a delicious and quick breakfast any day of the week!


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