Holiday MOMents

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Ahh the holidays!!  The most wonderful time of the year, right? Yeah right!  When your a mom the holidays mean craziness, sleepless nights, long days shopping, hours spent in the kitchen, mountains of presents to wrap, tons of guests to entertain all while still managing kids all hopped up on the holiday spirit and a constant sugar rush from hot chocolate and gingerbread.

But we are super moms, and we get it all done, somehow miraculously come Christmas morning, the house is sparkling, the tree filled with perfectly wrapped gifts and the table full of yummy treats.  Even though the bags under our eyes are heavier than Santa’s sack, the smile on the kid’s faces makes it all worth it.

So even though the tree is glowing, the eggnog flowing, the fireplace crackling, the kids playing, us moms know what really goes on behind the scenes of the perfect holiday and those my friend are what we call Holiday MOMents.  We all have them and now you can share them!100_7185 (1)

I have a ton of them and Dean is only 4!  When he was 2 and dressed in the perfect Christmas outfit, he decided to stand on my grandma’s present, a (very pricey) digital record player that she had just unwrapped.  We were all laughing at how cute he was standing on that box, until his face changed and he puked, puked all over my grandma and her new present, not to mention that perfectly put together Christmas outfit he was wearing -_-

When he was 1 we didn’t think he would sit still for a mall Santa but since my grandpa had a Santa costume, he put that on and dropped by one night so I could get some of those cute baby and Santa pictures.  Nope, Dean was petrified, terrified and screamed the whole time.

100_7207 (1)

Dean would not leave the Christmas ornaments alone and keep taking them off the tree and then I could not find them.  Turns out he was hoarding them under his bed, and also under our sheets -_-

DSCF1279 (1)

Last Christmas morning I’m pretty sure he was the only kid that did not want to get up for Christmas.  He wanted to stay in bed asleep.  We dragged him out of bed which only resulted in him being cranky and when we sat him in front of the tree he took back off to the comfort of the bed.  Then he thought about it a minute and came back out to open his presents but geez! Lol

Hopefully this year will go smoothly, we already got the visiting Santa thing down (though Santa wasn’t thrilled to be there).  But I wouldn’t trade any of my Holiday MOMents for anything, it is these moments that create memories and laughter.

I want to see some of your Holiday MOMents and you can go to Sprouts Holiday MOMents page and create your own like mine and even share them!


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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