Easy Summer Snacks with Hot Pockets and Outshine

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Summer snack table #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

#SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

Yay summer is here!!!!  That means cookouts, campouts, lightning bug hunts, sandy toes, swimming and sunshine.  We love swimming around here, we can’t keep the kids out of the water especially the pool.  It is only natural that every weekend we get together to go swimming and after a few hours of sun and pool volley ball everyone is starving.

I headed to Walmart to get some snacks for this weekend knowing we would have a pool full of hungry people clamoring for more than the usual chips and dip.  I noticed that Hot Pockets has a 12 pack in everyone ‘s favorite flavor, pizza!  Into my cart they went, destined to fill the tummies of my hungry swimmers.

Hot Pockets Store #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

While in the frozen section I knew I wanted to get a snack to cool everyone down as we were in for a scorcher this weekend.  I spotted Edy’s Outshine Fruit Bars and knew those would be the perfect chilly refreshing snack .

Outshine in store #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

While everyone was putting on bathing suits and googles, I loaded up the snack table.  A simple beach towel doubled as an adorable tablecloth.  The Hot Pockets took no time to prepare and I served them with a “pool” of ranch dressing for dipping, complete with a cherry tomato “beach ball”.

summer snacks #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

The Hot Pockets were a hit and were the perfect sized snack to fill everyone up and everyone loved the buttery seasoned crust, melty cheese and flavorful pepperoni.  Not only were they delicious and made the perfect summer day snack but I loved knowing that they are a great source of protein and filled with quality ingredients like premium meat and real cheese.

hotpockets #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

The Outshine bars did an awesome job of cooling us all off.  I loved that the bars were made with real fruit and tasted amazing.  They tasted like fresh fruit and I especially liked the Fruit & Veggie Bars, we got the blueberry ones and no one would ever guess there was beets and sweet potatoes in these delicious bars, sneaky!

outshinebars #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

 The Pineapple bars are my new weakness, whenever I need a snack I just reach for one of these and they are just pure frozen pineapple bliss.

outshinebarsnack  #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

outshine bars #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

No more chips and cookies for snacking at our pool, we will be enjoying Hot Pockets and Outshine Bars for the rest of the summer!

Hotpocket outshine #SummerGoodies #CollectiveBias

So next time you are looking for great snacks to fuel up all those tummies that are home for the summer, just head to Walmart and grab these great products and enjoy that summer snack time.

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