February 6th, 2012

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So I haven’t done an update on Dean in a while because he has been keeping me busy!!

He has discovered he loves to torment the dog and chase him around ALL DAY!

He said his first sentence to me to the other day, I was in the living room and he went into the bedroom where daddy was asleep and he screamed, not a hurt scream or anything like that, just a “I’m going to scream because I like the sound of my own voice” kind of scream, but I didnt worry about it too much because a milkman that works night can sleep through an earthquake (really, he slept through and earthquake once).  So when Dean came to me I said “Dean Daddy is nite-nite, you have to be quiet in there.”  He looked at me and shook his head and said “No Daddy nite-nite” . I guess he was able to wake daddy up lol.

He has decided he loves sleeping in his tent.  I stretch an extra big blanket over the top of his crib and leave a little peep hole down the bottom of the crib and he LOVES it.  He sleeps that way every night now and actually wants to go to bed!

Asides from that he has been his usual crazy, energetic, lovey, sweet, funny little boy he always is.

As I looked around this morning I had to snap a few pictures because I realized my house is slowly being taken over by Hot Wheels, they are everywhere and in everything, even as I type this there is a green Corvette and a purple van hanging out on my desk.

They are piled up with his toys…

They are on the entertainment center……They are in the living room…..

On the bar……
And even in the couch cushions.  They are everywhere!!! But that comes with little boys :)

Oh yes and one other reason I have been busy and frazzled lately…..He learned to climb out his of crib!  And he does it every night!!  We just march him back in there, put him back in the bed and he comes right back out, but after a few tries he gives up and stays put thankfully!!!

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