Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Friday already?!? This week just flew by!  Dean and I were still sick so a pretty mellow week for us.  He has stayed out of trouble for the most part.

I was laying in bed the other day and I was kinda poking my stomach assessing the damage pregnancy did to it and I was feeling kinda okay about it….. until Dean walked up to me, patted my stomach and said “I love your squishy tummy mommy” lol.  Well then from the mouths of babes right?

Dean is almost out of pull-ups at nights now, he went 4 nights in a row dry!!  Which is good for me since I sleep next to him lol.   However, after dinner the other night I was on the phone with my grandma and he comes up to me naked and says “Hey mama, I gonna go poop in the shower” and then just walked away on a mission.  My grandma was like “I will let you go get that” lol.  I did catch him before he actually pooped in the shower, though then he decided to sit on the big boy potty (the regular toilet) and read every book we own.  So I left him to do his business while I finished up the dishes and I went to check on him and there he was in the same spot, sitting on the toilet reading his books only now 3 of our bed pillows were next to him stacked on the floor next to the toilet!  What goes through his mind sometimes I have nooooo idea!  So after a quick change of pillow cases we were finally able to get to bed.

Now, I have walked into my bathroom on a few occasions and seen this……

DSCF7759That is Dean in my bathroom behind the shower curtain, peeing in the shower…….because the toilet is too far?  I have no idea why this occurs?

I was laying on the sofa feeling sick and I asked him if he would be Dr. Dean and see if he could fix me.  Well I do not know what kind of medical school Dr. Dean went to but he had quite the poor bedside manner, he popped (farted) while examining me, blew 2 raspberries on my boob and then when I told him my throat was itchy he scratched my neck -_- lol.

Then Dr. Dean decided I needed some medicine and I told him I didn’t want blue medicine, then he tried to give me red medicine and I said “eww no!” So Dr. Dean threw the pretend cup of medicine and said “Well fine!!!  Too bad for you, I not you doctor anymore” lol!!!!

I’m still sick, I shoulda taken the red medicine……..

So now my mommy fess up of the week.  Dean’s hair needed to be cut like 4 months ago…… I just haven’t gotten around to it, wanted to do it?  I feel like it keeps him a baby, his long curly hair and when they cut it he becomes a little boy and it scares me how just a hair cut transforms my chubby cheeked wild haired baby into a little man.  But now that the weather is getting colder his curls are falling and he kinda looks like a maniac.  So I am going to put it aside and let it go and go get his hair cut.

When they turn the barber chair around he will still be my baby he just won’t look like one anymore :(  But it has to be done, so Saturday it is……..


DSCF7421I promise I won’t cry when we do it……….

Okay I promise I won’t cry in the salon, but that’s the best your getting from me!!!

P.S.  Mommy fess up #2, I’m writing this at 11 at night and I still have to shower Dean, mommy fail!

So what are your fess ups this week ladies?  Don’t be shy come and Fess Up!!

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