15 Kid Friendly Valentine’s Breakfast Ideas

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Valentines Roundup

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!!!  When a holiday rolls around I like to make it as fun as I can for Dean and I like to celebrate all day.  It is easy to whip up a fun heart shaped breakfast for your little ones and they will love it!

You can start your Valentine’s Day out on a sweet note with these 15 Kid Friendly Valentine’s Breakfast Ideas!


Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls from Poppies at Play

heart shaped eggs


Heart Shaped Eggs from Mommy Hates Cooking


Valentine’s Smoothie from A Sweet Spot

heart shaped red velvet pancakes


Red Velvet Pancakes from Whipperberry


Heart Shaped Cheese and Toast from Kathleen Ellis Lifestyle Design


Fruit Arrows from Babble

Blueberry Heart Pancakes


Blueberry Heart Pancakes from Paints and Pans


Bacon Hearts from The Paper Mama

Valentine's Day Breakfast - YoT #valentinesday #valentinesdayfood #valentinesdaybreakfast #biscuits


Heart Biscuits from Yesterday on Tuesday


Valentine’s Breakfast from The Vanilla Tulip


Heart Kabobs from Anthology

Fruit Kabobs

Melon Hearts from unknown source

Heart Shaped Waffle Stacks from unknown source


Valentine Waffles from Dreaming -n- Color

Frosty Yogurt Bites


Frosty Yogurt Bites from Betty Crocker

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  1. Oh my goodness! All the heart-shaped foods are so adorable! I especially love the cinnamon rolls. I’m so bummed that I will be recovering from a c-section on Valentine’s Day this year :( But I may make some of the cinnamon rolls ahead of time and freeze them for my husband to take out and bake on Valentine’s Day. The smoothie also looks so yummy. I’m a smoothie junkie! Thank you for all the wonderful ideas!

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