Perfect Movie Night With Target Ticket!

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Every Saturday night around here is movie night!  We all settle in for a night of relaxing, snacking and watching movies.  We pull out the snacks and pick out the movies we have been wanting to see!  Target Ticket now makes movie night even easier!  I can just log into my account, rent or buy a movie and watch it on a variety of my devices.  We are Target junkies and are always there so being able to rent movies from them just brings it all full circle lol!

First up we watch a movie that Dean wants to see.  So we get him in his jammies and have a great time laughing at silly monsters, cheering for brave dinosaurs or singing with princesses.  Sour candies and popcorn are passed around (followed by a good tooth brushing before bed, don’t worry ;) Target Ticket Kids Snacks #shop, #cbiasAfter the movies ends we have a family dance to the credits then put Dean to bed.

Now it’s time for Mommy and Daddy to watch TV!  This is the time we love best, getting yummy snacks (that we bought at one of many excursions to Target) and having a Movie Date Night at home, perfect!  No babysitter to find and we get to stay in our pajamas lol!

Target Ticket Movie Date #shop #cbias

We turn on the Xbox 360, download the Ticket app and browse the recent TV shows and instantly get hooked on The Following.  This is great because all the episodes are right there on Target Ticket so we don’t miss a minute.  I noticed that Target Ticket has all my favorite shows and that is awesome!! Now I know I will never miss an episode!

Target Ticket #shop #cbias

One of the best things I love is that you can watch movies and shows on your tablet, phone, TV or Xbox 360.  So you can take your favorites everywhere!Target Ticket devices #shop #cbias On Sunday night my mom, my sister and I grill up steaks and watch The Walking Dead.  That obviously is not appropriate for Dean so with Target Ticket I am able to rent him a movie that he can watch while we get our zombie on!  It works out great since I can rent his movie on the laptop while the girls and I watch on the TV.  The perfect solution and everyone is happy!Target Ticket Monsters U #shop #cbias

So now that I have told you how much my family loves Target Ticket let me show you how to use it!  It is super simple!

Go to

Target Ticket landing page #shop #cbiasRegister

Target Ticket register page #shop #cbias

Browse movies….Target Ticket new movie page #shop #cbias

Kid’s Movies….Target Ticket kids #shop #cbias

and TV shows!Target Ticket Shows #shop #cbias

You can buy or rent movies in HD or SD, buy full seasons of shows or just individual episodes!  I love that they even have sales!Target Ticket rent following #shop #cbias

Then you just start watching!!  We love using Target Ticket on our laptops and our Xbox 360.  Getting it on the 360 is simple, just download the app on your console, pop in the activation code to your account and voila instant streaming there too!Target Ticket Xbox Page #shop #cbias

Now before you rush off to start watching movies let me share with you one of my most favorite features!  I love to browse reviews on movies before we watch them because who wants to waste 2 hours of precious weekend time on a crappy movie?  So I make sure the movie we are watching has good reviews before watching.  Also my little sister is a horror movie junkie and while we don’t mind her seeing the gore and monsters there are other things in horror movies that are quite inappropriate for a 12 year old to see (the ahem dirty parts).  So I have 2 choices before watching a movie with her, either scouring the internet to see if the movie has any inappropriate parts or pre-screening the movie myself.  With Target Ticket all that information if already right there for me!  The ratings are right there so I can see if the movie is worth watching.  Also the common sense rating is there for me, along with all the parts and themes that might not be good for my sister.  So one quick glance and I can choose the movie that is best for us!

Target Ticket Common Sense #shop #cbias

Okay Okay so I have gone on long enough lol!  Go plan a perfect movie night this weekend with your family and Target Ticket!!

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