Halloween Fun With Cottonelle

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Halloween Fun With Cottonelle

This weekend we had a Halloween party and I decided to have a kid’s area all decked out with mummy treats and even a fun game for them.  Cottonelle Triple Roll played a huge part in this mummy theme for the kids!  I mean there is really nothing better to use to create fun mummy crafts than toilet paper!

So I first made this adorable “Mummy Candy” by simply wrapping candy bars up in the Cottonelle that I cut into strips.  I stuck on 2 adhesive backed googly eyes and instant easy Mummy Candy!  The kids loved these and it took no effort!

Mummy Candy

To go along with our Mummy Candy I also made “Mummy Juice”.  Same steps as the Mummy Candy, only this time I used the Cottonelle to wrap up little juice boxes.  The kids got a big kick out of those!

Mummy Juice

I also used 3 rolls of Cottonelle Triple Roll to elevate the plate that was holding my Mummy Pops.  It made a great stand for the pops and went along perfectly with the mummy theme!


I also used the Cottonelle to come up with a fun game for the kids to play! Manic Mummies! The kids got into groups of 2 and then one team mate proceeded to wrap the other in the Cottonelle like a mummy and whoever wrapped their mummy the fastest won! 

This was such a great silly game to play with the kids.  Of course they loved it and had a great time wrapping each other off and thought it was hilarious ripping the paper off.

Kids Cottonelle

We didn’t let the fun stop there!!

We took the empty Cottonelle rolls from the Manic Mummy game and used them to make spooky eyes for outside! 

Cottonelle Spooky Eyes

These were a cinch to make.  You just cut a strip out of the toilet paper roll, from end to end.  

Then cut 2 spooky eyes out of a square of black construction paper.

Wrap the black construction paper around the toilet paper tube, lining the eye cut outs with the cut part of the toilet paper roll.

Tape the construction paper to the roll.

Fill with a glow stick, place in the bushes and marvel at your new super spooky Halloween decorations.  Made in no time, a fun project for the kids, a great way to reuse those toilet paper rolls and a great Halloween decoration these Spooky Eyes are just awesome. 

Spooky Eyes Cottonelle


I hope these Halloween Fun with Cottonelle ideas inspire you to host your own mummy party! 

Need even more incentive to host your own party?  Right now at Target there is a coupon to Buy Cottonelle Triple Roll 12 pack or larger and get a FREE box of Kleenex (while supplies last).  So get out there buy some Cottonelle Triple Roll and have yourself a Mummy Party!



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  1. Hi there, stopping by from SITS. How fun, mummies all around! I was totally thinking about doing the rolls with the glow sticks, so easy, yet it looks so cool!

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