Winter Wonderland Decor

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This post is sponsored by At Home.  All opinions are my own.

See how I create a Winter Wonderland in my home with fabulous decor from At Home!

Winter Wonderland Table (1 of 1)

Guys!  It is finally cooling off, I have already spotted a few holiday commercials on TV and the countdown to Christmas is on!

I am obsessed with the holidays!!  From the first leaf to fall I start all my holiday preparations!

I have a large family and I love to host Christmas Eve at my house every year.  Last Fall Hurricane Matthew put a tree through our home and we were not able to move back in for 8 months.

So last year I was unable to host Christmas Eve and it just added insult to injury.  This year, we are back and better than ever and I am so excited to decorate!!

There is no better place to go to get absolutely all your holiday decor need than At Home stores.  It is literally one of my most favorite places.  I have been to known to spend my birthday there, it’s home decor heaven!

One of my favorite things is that they also like to prepare early for the holidays and when I visit their store in August I am greeted by Christmas Trees and I love it!

They have their holiday aisles sorted by color and style and it is amazing, I could spend all day in just the holiday section, and would need another whole day to go through the rest of their amazing things.

We spend a lot of Christmas Eve in the den which is decorated in a very neutral farmhouse/rustic/chic if that’s even a thing lol.  I knew I wanted to decorate with creams and gold and of course At Home made it super easy by having a whole aisle dedicated to my style!  I seriously wanted to put everything in my basket!

Right when you walk in the den I have a table with a mirror and mantle over that and I change it up seasonally so I knew I needed to focus there.

A gorgeous swag was the backdrop for this adorable little “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” sign which I cannot believe was only $5.99!! I added a few gold berry sprigs to the top of that.

Walking in a Winter Wonderland (1 of 1)

I fell in love with this sparkly snow studded white tree stump which is just glittery gorgeousness! This by the way was only $9.99!!

Glittery Tree Stump (1 of 1)

I spotted this amazing reindeer that is covered in glitter and sequins and jewels and I had to have it!!

Glitter Reindeer (1 of 1)

I keep a white vase on this table that I switch out with seasonal flowers and I know I spent probably an hour just poring over all the floral stems At Home had for winter decorating before choosing white poinsettias with gold berries.

One of my favorite pieces which a big statement piece in the room is this breathtaking white church.  There was no way I was leaving the store without that beauty (I just might have to leave it up all year round!)

Winter Church (1 of 1)

It is so pretty that I did not want to take away by adding too much around it so I placed two snow-frosted branches behind it, a sleigh ornament that matches beautifully and a few icy sparkling wooden balls alongside it.  I cannot stop looking at it!!

Winter Wonderland Church (1 of 1)

I have a big window that begs to be decorated and a swag with cream ornaments, poinsettias and hints of gold matches my den to a T. I cannot believe I snagged it for only $20!!

Deer Head Wreath (1 of 1)

Now I have had my eye on this fabulous deer head since the last time I visited At Home and this time I decided it was time for it to come home.  I knew it would look amazing in the middle of my wreath about the window.

Reindeer Wreath (1 of 1)

Walking into my den makes me so happy!!  It feels like a Winter Wonderland and I can’t help but smile and think about how everyone will love it when they come over for Christmas Eve.

I could not do it without At Home and their amazing selection of home decor and holiday decor.  I think I will be heading back there shortly, there are other rooms to decorate lol

Winter Mantle (1 of 1)

So this holiday season head to At Home and make it your one stop shop for all your holiday decorating needs!!

I want to see you pick up, tag me and At Home on Instagram with all your finds!

Happy Holidays!

 Winter Wonderland Decor

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