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CB-sponsored-post-white-400What if you could just choose your favorite flavors, how you like to cook, and what items you have on hand and have a website pop out recipes personalized to your taste?  That would be pretty awesome!  Well now with McCormick’s FlavorPrint you can do just that!  You just sign up, answer questions about flavors you prefer, appliances you own, preferred methods of cooking and what items you usually have on hand and you get an overview of your personal FlavorPrint along with recipes suited just to your tastes.  I love it!  I played around on it all day, I just loved seeing what recipes they had picked out for me next.  The best part was I wanted to try all the recipes!  Because they were tailored just for me each one sounded delicious and I couldn’t wait to get in my kitchen and try some out!

You just sign up and start filling out your profile, answering your likes and dislikes, and a few more questions about your shopping habits, cooking habits and all that good stuff.

Flavor Preferences #shop #cbias

After you answer your preference questions you get your FlavorPrint!  You will see that the largest spikes are the flavors you like the best.  It is so awesome to see it laid out like that. (I’m not surprised cheese is my biggest spike lol)My FlavorPrint #shop #cbias

Clicking on the “Your Recommendations” button pulls up all the recipes chosen for you based on your answers.FlavorPrint Questions #shop #cbias

Then you get to see all the mouth watering recipes you are sure to love!  You can see how they give each recipe a percentage based on how much that recipe matches your favorite flavors.Recommendations #shop #cbias

I chose two recipes that sounded particularly amazing and rushed right out to Wal-Mart to grab the McCormick’s spices I needed.  While I was tempted to load my cart up so I could make each and every yummy recipe personalized just for me, I stuck with what I needed.

FlavorPrint #shop #cbias

After I picked up all my spices I headed to Wal-Marts Fresh Meat department to grab some chicken for lunch and some of their yummy beef for dinner.  Have you checked out Wal-mart’s meat department lately? They have a great variety of high quality meats.  I get steak from Wal-mart for dinner every Sunday night and the flavor and quality of those steaks is just as good if not better than any restaurant I have been to!  We go through a lot of chicken at our house and I get our chicken here too, it is always so fresh and tender and I can’t pass up those prices!!  So I definitely recommend picking up your next dinner from the Fresh Meat Department, you will not be disappointed!

Walmart Fresh Meat #shop #cbias

WalmartFreshMeat #shop #cbias Walmart FreshMeat #shop #cbias

I got home and gathered my ingredients for Festive Meringue Cookies and Buffalo Chicken Tenders.

Peppermint Meringue Ingredients #shop #cbias McCormick Ingredients #shop #cbias

After all that shopping I was ready for lunch and the quick Buffalo Chicken Tenders sounded like the perfect quick lunch to make.  Lunch was ready in no time and was outstanding!  The McCormick’s Original Buffalo Wings Seasoning Mix was perfect, just spicy enough but extremely flavorful, I wasn’t just tasting hot, there were other spices going on that brought my simple lunch to a new level!  Buffalo Chicken Tenders #shop #cbias

Buffalo Chicken Tender Recipe #shop #cbiasOf course everyone needs a little sweet with their spicy so I decided to try my hand at the Festive Meringue Cookies.

I was a little apprehensive about the meringues, they always seemed so delicate and like they would be difficult to make, and after reading the recipe FlavorPrint provided I was ready to finally tackle meringues, and you know what? I love them, I am addicted to making them, photographing them and most of all eating them!

Peppermint Meringues #shop #cbias Peppermint Meringues #shop #cbias Peppermint Meringues #shop #cbias

Peppermint Meringues Recipe

Both recipes were easy to make and absolutely delicious!  So delicious in fact there are no leftover, not even a crumb.  They were devoured and I have requests to make them both again….immediately!

Thanks to McCormick’s FlavorPrint I have discovered two great new recipes that I am in love with.  Of course I am in love with them, they were chosen for me based on my answers, assuring that every recipe I am recommended should become a favorite!

I had so much fun on the site and now I want you to give it a spin for yourself.  Go find out what your FlavorPrint is, try your recommended recipes and come back here and let me know what you thought and what your biggest flavor spike is!

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  1. Well now here’s a droolworthy post! Your meringues drew me in from Menu Plan Monday over at Organized Junkie. And I had never heard of flavor profile! That’s a neat resource!

  2. Love McCormick’s and don’t use anything else!!! Some wonderful ideas here and they are definitely going into my recipe box. The meringues look delicious. We love those but have never tried with the peppermint…thank you. (we normally make them at Halloween with vanilla flavoring and my son calls them Ghost poo…hehe)


    1. Sorry!! I didn’t mention how I made the stripes, totally slipped my mind. You just take a paint brush and brush red gel food coloring on the inside of your piping bag, I just use a ziploc bag so I can start with a new bag once the gel begins to fade. Hope this helps!! :)

  3. Mm these look so good! I haven’t seen the flavor print before, how cool! I love McCormkick seasonings. Thanks for sharing on Foodie Friday. I’m featuring you at this week’s link up (starting tonight at 6:30 mst)

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