Dean’s Dishes

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012 

I love cooking for my son, I love making cute little sandwiches (which he usually stabs with pretzel sticks lol) and I love making healthy lunches and dinners for him.  This is a little collection of the things he eats, I love perusing the internet and looking at blogs of what other moms are feeding their toddlers so I thought I would share some of Dean’s dishes.

I always try to make sure he is getting the healthiest options, so he gets rice cakes to snack on and the hot dogs he eats are Oscar Mayer brand hardwood smoked turkey dogs that are all natural, nitrate and nitrite free, Im not going to deny a little boy hot dogs so I found the best most readily available hot dog, and it being all natural and nitrate and nitrite free was very important to me, I find that the all natural beef hot dogs have a different texture that I don’t feel comfortable giving him.

Lunchmeat is also something that can be full of nitrates and all sorts of yucky things, so thankfully I found a Hormel variety that comes in a red and brown cardboard type box, and their meats are 100% natural and nitrate and nitrite free as well.

He does love fish sticks and you just cant bake a homemade fishstick that’s as simple or sturdy as a the frozen kind so I just make sure to get a high quality fish stick.

Now all that being said he still does get goldfish crackers and dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets too lol, you cant win all the battles :)

I hope you all will enjoy these ideas and I really look forward to hearing some of your ideas and sharing some pictures of what your little ones are eating too :)

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