What to watch with your kids on Netflix: The Boss Baby

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The Boss Baby is on Netflix.  It is actually a great movie with a sweet message and will keep everyone entertained for family movie night.



The Boss Baby was our movie night choice last week and it was surprisingly great.  Give it a chance!!

Hey guys!! Now that Sam is a bit older and can sit through a movie, we have started having family movie night every Friday night,  They get to pick their favorite dinner, we all pile in the big bed and find whatever the latest kids movie on Netflix is.

Some nights they have no interest in the movie and wrestle and sometimes they are both completely engrossed and we get a good 90 minutes of peace lol.

The thing with movies on Netflix is if your kids like one you can bet you will be watching that movie daily, so not only will I be telling you what we watched and if it was entertaining enough to keep parents interested but also how likely you are to go crazy if you have to watch it more than 5 times.

Last week we watched The Boss Baby.  I will tell you I did not have any interest in seeing it, but the boys picked it, so I settled in figuring I would get about 20 minutes in before I started browsing Pinterest or scrolling through memes.

At first glance it seems like just your normal kid fodder movie, probably some fart jokes and a few adult lines to fly over the little one’s heads.

I was surprised!! This movie is great!! I love it!  It might have to do with the fact that I have 2 boys roughly the same age apart as the boys in the movie.


I am not one to fall in love with every kid’s movie I see.  Yes I love Moana but please do not make me watch Frozen or Inside Out, bleh lol, so you can trust my opinion.

This movie has some depth, on the surface, it looks like just a fun movie to keep the kids quiet while you doze off but it is really sweet.  I think I have seen it probably 7 times now and it never fails to choke me up at the end.


I think on some level all kids struggle when they get a new sibling, babies do require so much and it is big change, especially when you kid goes from being the only child to suddenly having to share his parents.  This is the real premise of the movie, Tim’s struggle with getting a baby brother.  He has an overactive imagination which is responsible for the events in the movie but underneath that it is just how he feels and deals with getting a brother.


Of course it is a kids movie so it’s a happy ending with a speech by Tim that makes me blink back the tears thinking of my boys.


This is the absolute perfect family movie, your kids will be entertained, you will be entertained, the overall message is sweet and it’s on Netflix which is always a plus in my book.

It is not annoying, so if your kid insists on watching it 3 times in one day it won’t drive you crazy.

So this Friday order some pizza, load your kids up in the bed and pop on The Boss Baby, everyone will love it!

The Boss Baby is on Netflix. It is actually a great movie with a sweet message and will keep everyone entertained for family movie night.

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