Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Heeey guys!  This week has been nuts!  The weather itself has just been crazy, yesterday we had a high of 75 low of 33!!  Wth is up with that!?

Dean has been a little rambunctious this week as always.  We got these two awesome memory foam ottomans from Sam’s Club which now apparently according to Dean serve as tumbling mats, trampolines and on the rare occasion a horse?

He has it in his head that he wants to go to Target this week (he is my child!!) which is fine, I need to go anyways, however I do not need to go at 9 at night on a Tuesday, so everyday since then he constantly and I mean CONSTANTLY asks when we are going (which is today)  by yesterday morning I developed a serious twitch in my eye.

The other day Dan went to work early, he and Dean had both eaten, Dean was in his room watching a movie, so I thought well here is a good time to curl up on the sofa with my dinner and start re-watching episodes of Secret Life Of An American Teenager (don’t judge!).  After my dinner was gone and the credits rolled I realized Dean was way to quiet.  Maybe he just went to sleep, I tried to tell myself though deep down I knew there was fat chance of that happening.  So I went to step into the room and out busts Dean completely naked and covered head to toe in marker, HEAD TO TOE!  HE also informed me that he pooped which meant I needed to wipe it, and when I did the wipe was blue.  SOmeone colored the inside of their butt-cheeks with marker.  Now thankfully these were washable markers, however since I had no way of knowing which markers he used to color his butt I had to throw them all away -_-20140304_211605

And yesterday while shopping at Wal-mart Dan said hi to older gentleman and then Dean said “Hey get outta the way old man!”  Talk about some mortified parents!!  I can’t put my finger on it but I know I hear some movie he watches say that.  He only watches Disney movies though, so maybe it was a tv show?  Either way he got in lots o trouble for that one.

As you can see by the picture above he had some crazy hair so we took him to get it cut and now he is even more adorable!!! I miss his long crazy hair but it looks so nice now.  Except now he looks like a big boy (I mean he is almost 5) but still all of a sudden he just looked so grown :(

3dc878b0a6f411e3bb7f12119c4bc50d_8Then yesterday he was in the tub and I was right there with him and he had stood up and went to sit back down but I think he kinda jumped up a bit and slipped and fell and hit his chin on the side on the tub and holy cow was that scary!  He only cried a little but the bruise on his chin is crazy!  Then before bed I don’t know what he did but he got a long bloody scratch down the back of his leg.  Needless to say come bedtime we were both exhausted!IMG_1385 IMG_1392

 On a happier note Dan and I celebrated our 10-year wedding anniversary this Wednesday!  Ten years later and our love is only growing more and more!  We are sooooooo looking forward to having a night off this Saturday and going out!

Now for my fess up for the week, I wish I could take back the day we bought fish for Dean.  We are horrible fish owners.  We just cant keep them alive.  We are even worse snail owners -_-  We bought Dean fish and he named them Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick and Titan, and we got a snail named Gary.  Gary and Patrick passed away from unknown causes.  Then we got 2 more snails another fish named Hercules and all 3 of them died too.  Then we got another Hercules and another snail.  Spongebob and Squidward still doing well!  Titan passed on -_- Things had been going great for weeks, then Wednesday Dean decided to feed the fish without me.  I was unaware for a few hours that he had dumped about half the whole container of fish food in the tank.  After some emergency clean up, only Squidward and Hercules II are alive.  They are happy though because Spongebob was a complete jerk fish!  But yeh no matter what we do, no matter how much stuff we buy from Petsmart fish just don’t like it here!  Dean doesn’t even care about them anymore, they are just another chore for mommy and daddy now :/

So come on ladies what is your fess up this week?

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