Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Hello!! It is Friday!!!  Which doesn’t mean much for a mom expect for the fact that Daddy is home to deal with the hellions now!

Dean has been pretty good this week, we had his birthday party Saturday so he has been busy with all his new toys.  Though he has picked up a new phrase “So long Suckas!”  And of course he uses it appropriately making it so hard not to laugh.

So my fess up today is I get too sucked into Glee.

Example: I thought I could zone out to an episode or 2 Sunday while Dean was playing with his birthday toys.  Nope, this happened


Every drink of any kind we had in the fridge was neatly lined up on his train table -_-

Then last night I sat down while Dean was playing with his cars in the bedroom and there was an episode of Glee on so I was watching it and enjoying a little peace and quiet…..wait..too much quiet….. So I go in the bedroom and this is what I find



Everything pulled out of the closet, all the tubs of toys, bags of baby clothes.  He pulled everything off the bed, knocked over hampers of clothes.  Oh and you see that potty right there, yeh he peed in that without the insert, right onto my memory foam pillow -_-

Lesson learned, don’t think your 4-year-old that is being good as gold will stay that way through an episode of Glee :(

Now for my new favorite part of Fess Up Friday another hilarious video from Hollywood Psychics and their fabulous Diapers On Crystal Balls Series .

This weeks video is all about bedtime and boy can I relate, it is such a struggle to get Dean in bed I hope he falls asleep on the sofa before bedtime to make it easier.  You can check out this awesome video about how this one mom deals with bedtime at her house!  It had me rolling!!!  You can also check out the other Diapers on Crystal Balls Series on Youtube.

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  1. OMG, I love it…I can so relate babe. 4 years olds have a knack for quietly creating mayhem and disaster…I wish I had those ninja skills.

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