Two Girls’ Blogging Basics: Blogging 101: How To Get Traffic and Make Money Blogging!

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How To Get Traffic and Make Money Blogging

Hello!! Time for the last installment in the Blogging Basics Series and this one is going to be the longest one!  I will talk about ways to get more traffic and of course everyone’s favorite how to make money from blogging!

So first off lets see how to get traffic.  So lets say you just published a post on your site, now we will go through where you should amplify that post to ensure you get some traffic flow.  Some will be ones you already do and so might be new!

1.  Facebook– Of course promote your post on Facebook, try placing the link in the comment section to make sure your Facebook post gets seen by more fans.

2. Twitter– Shorten your url by using or the Google URL shortener   then you can place your link in your tweet and still have room to work with.  I try to get the picture on there too if I have enough room left and try to hashtag #recipe or #tutorial those kinds of broad hashtags to get some more attention to that tweet.

3.  Pinterest– One of the best places to get traffic from a post.  Did you know you can add hashtags on Pinterest?  You can and it helps!  You can also add in the link to the site in the pin description section.  You want to try to use a longer picture to pin to Pinterest so it attracts more attention (make sure your picture is 600 px wide, then it will be a longer picture on Pinterest)  This recipe of mine has been pinned over 13,000 times and averages about 1000 pins a day and provides me with a ton of traffic everyday, you can see it is a longer pin.

Enchilada Stuffed Shells

4. Instagram– You can put the picture for your post on Instagram and include a link in the comments.

5. Google Plus– Go ahead and promote your post on Google Plus and don’t forget you can use hashtags there too!!

6. Foodgawker, Craftgawker, Dwellinggawker, Stylegawker and Weddinggawker are all great places to submit your post to, however, it can be difficult to get your pictures accepted to these sites.

7.  Tastespotting– Tastespotting is very similar to Foodgawker.

8. Tastestopping–  If you find yourself getting rejected by FoodGawker and Tastespotting you can submit to Tastestopping a site that takes in posts rejected from the other sites.

9.  My Recipe is a great site from Six Sister’s Stuff and it a great place to submit your recipes too and get traffic from!  You can also earn money but we will cover that down below.

10.  Triberr–  I had been hearing a lot about Triberr and recently joined.  I have heard that you can get a ton of traffic from it and I have yet to really dive in and figure it all out I have signed and look forward to getting to know how it works!  After you sign up you can join my Tribe here!

11.  BlogLovin-Make sure you are signed up with BlogLovin so people can follow you there.  Your posts will automatically upload there.

12.  Email Subscription–  Make sure you have email subscription enabled on your site.  This will allow readers to sign up to receive an email every time you publish a new post.

13.  Linky Parties!!!!–  This one is very important.  You need to link your posts up to linky parties.  It can be a little time consuming but it does pay off.  You can find a whole list of all the linky parties I link up to here.  These are a great source of traffic.

14.  Social Linky Parties–  You can also link up at Social Linky Parties in which you link up your blog and social media links and get more fans and likes and followers and return the favor to the other bloggers that link up.  I actually host one you can link up to here!

Now on to every one’s favorite part, how to make money blogging!!  So here are some ways bloggers can make money, some I have tried, some I haven’t.

1.  Google Adsense–  The most popular one I think and it works!  You can place up to 3 ads on your site and just sit back and let the pennies roll in, and it will be pennies unless you have massive traffic!  You will not get paid from Google Adsense until you have accrued at least $100.  But I love it, it works for me and I just got my first payment from them and I literally had to do nothing to earn that.   So it is one program I would recommend!

2. My Recipe Magic–  I love it is a wonderful place to get traffic, a great place to find new recipes and you can even make money!  Now I am only up to like $3 with them but again it is one of those things that makes money while I sleep.  I just upload my recipes to the site and watch the traffic and pennies come in lol.  The great thing is they also have a reward program where you can earn discounts and gift cards for uploading your recipes and simple things like that!  So this really is a great one!

3.  Viralti–  Do you love Pinterest?  Well yeh we all do right lol!  Now you can make money for pinning stuff!  Just sign up here and you can get paid to pin!!  It doesn’t really get any better than that lol.  I love this place and have earned some money from them, so again go check them out here and start getting paid to pin!

4.  Sverve– Sverve is another great place to earn money or get free products to review from.  You sign up here and them browse the campaigns, applying for whichever you like, some pay you money for posts and others will send you products to review.  It is a really great site, I like the way it is set up and it is very user friendly.

5.  EscalateEscalate Network is similar to Adsense and while I do not work with them personally I always hear great things about them!

6.  InfolinksInfolinks is a great place to make easy money for doing nothing!  It place links in some of the words in your posts, you know those words that you see sometimes on a blog that are underlined?  This is the same thing.  It is easy to install and that’s all you have to do to start earning money with them!

7.  Share a Sale–  I haven’t done anything with my Share a Sale account but I always see where tons of bloggers make a ton of money from it, so I guess I should look into it more lol!

8.  Social Spark–  Social Spark is another great one where you can get paid for publishing posts.  They send you opportunities and you can accept them if you think they are a good fit for your blog.  But it doesn’t stop there, Social Spark is part of Izea which is an ad company much like Adsense and Escalate.  They also offer money for tweets with their Sponsored Tweets site where you can make money from tweeting and are even branching out into Pinterest and things like that, so you have a whole range of options here to make money with them.

These are just a few of the ways to make money blogging there are a ton more little ways and ways I haven’t even heard of lol, but these are the major ones that I know about!

Any of you have any tips for making money from blogging?  Or care to share with us how you make money blogging?

Looking for more ways to make money blogging or get free products from blogging?  Check out Dana from This Silly Girl’s Life post on How To Make Money and Get Free Products Blogging!


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  1. This info is great! I’m new to promoting my blog and working on good content. Thank you so much for putting this series together! I can’t wait to sit down and read the other lessons with my coffee.

  2. You provide great resources in this post. I have gained hundreds of followers from social linky parties. They do work! Thank you for sharing!

  3. These are great tips and very helpful.After 2 years of blogging,now I am bit serious about monetizing it.(So far I didn’t focus on it much),I am going to try some of your tips.Thanks….

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