Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

Woo summer is almost over!!!!  Am I the only summer hater here?  I hate the heat and I hate the bugs that come with summer!  But after summer comes my favorite season FALL!  Sweaters and cider and pumpkins and quilts and the chill in the air makes it the perfect season and I cannot wait!

This week I have not felt my best, I have been struggling with a decision that terrifies me but has become a necessity and the constant worrying over it has exhausted me and run me through the ringer.  So my first confession today is….I don’t drive.

I tried it 10 years ago and was a good driver in that empty parking lot but as soon as a real other driver came up behind me I panicked and realized driving with others cars scared the crap out of me.  After that day I never tried again, and it worked out fine.  I always went shopping with my mom and grandma anyways and hubs and I always ran our errands together on the weekend so I was fine without driving.  Now as Dean is getting older and talks of baby #2 is in the works it is becoming more and more apparent I need to be able to drive.  So though the very thought of getting behind the wheel again panics me I know this is something I need to overcome for my kids.

Soooo enough of that serious stuff…. now for the real fess up…….I tell “mom lies” sometimes multiple times a day.  Here are a few of the lies I catch myself telling my 4-year-old and I would loooove to hear yours!!

I’m not eating candy, I was just taking my medicine.

You can’t pick up the puppy, she might spill (when trying to manhandle the wee teeny chihuahua)

You have to try this, it’s Lighting McQueen’s favorite food!

The store we are going to is super fun!!!

Toy store is closed today, sorry :(

I’ll be right there!!

I’m sure there is a million more I could come up with, but these seem to be the most frequently used in my house lol

Which ones are you guilty of?

Now for my new favorite part of Fess Up Friday another hilarious and totally relatable video from Hollywood Psychics and their fabulous Diapers On Crystal Balls Series. If you love these videos like I do, you can check them all out here!

So I want to share with you this video from the Diapers On Crystal Ball series titled Moms vs Non-Moms and man is it soo true, I was laughing so hard because so many of the points are exactly how I feel!!!  Check it out below and then head on over and check out the rest of their videos!!

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  1. I don’t pay attention to the little lies I tell my kids. I guess I should. This is cute.

    Also, for three years I didn’t have a license because mine got suspended, and I was happy as a lark being driven everywhere by others. However, there is nothing more freeing than being able to take off in a car on your own when you need to or want to. I hope you over come that uneasy feeling soon.

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