Fess Up Friday

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fess up friday

I know I know!  I haven’t done a Fess Up Friday in a looooong time!  I took an extended holiday vacation? Anyways hopefully I will stick to a better routine this year.

I have A LOT of new readers so for any of you new to Fess Up Friday it is where I share some mishaps and missteps in motherhood I’ve made this week in an effort to try to banish all the mommy wars and mommy guilt that is so abundant nowadays.  So what if your kid was the breakdown on aisle 3 at Walmart, or you slaved all day to make a gorgeous healthy meal that your kids rejected and cried until your called the pizza man again!  Let it all out here!

By doing this I feel it will help you get it off your chest so you don’t have to carry around any mommy guilt (though you shouldn’t anyways) and also help some other moms feel like they aren’t going so crazy and that it’s okay we have all been there before.

I know Dean has thrown many a tantrum in the store and while I’m doing that walk of shame half carrying half dragging my screaming toddler out of the Lego aisle, a few aisles down there is another mom doing the same thing.

We are all in the same boat here so let’s support each other and let it out!  Fess it up!

So Dean is potty trained but he still uses the little potty seat that goes on the toilet so his little butt doesn’t fall in and every time he would go poop he would pee right off the toilet onto the floor and usually onto his pile of clothes he took off.  Yes we have showed him numerous times how to point so that doesn’t happen, but it does anyways.  So I bought him a new potty seat with a little splash guard and he wont even try that seat!  He was so determined not to use that seat that he got himself all backed up and got a tummy ache.  So I put him in the shower and was fixing my hair when he called me and pointed to the poop he had just done in the bathtub.  Now if that wasn’t enough he pointed to it and said “Mom look it’s a microphone, talk into it.”  As disgusting as it was it did indeed look just like a microphone -_-

The other day Dean was really good while shopping and I had been wanting to get him fish.  We were at Walmart so I picked up a little tank and he chose two fish which he of course named Fishy and Fishy.  Even on the way home I could tell the fish weren’t looking too well.  I knew I shouldn’t have bought fish from Walmart, I should have waited and gone to Petsmart later that week, but I am impatient as hell.  I thought maybe when we got them in their new home they would perk up.  Not the case, they didn’t perk up, they died, dead before I even went to bed that night (you owe me $5 Walmart -_-)  So what did I tell Dean when he woke up and looked for Fishy and Fishy?  Well I didn’t do the normal sitcom thing and run out and buy two more fish identical to the ones that died in hopes Dean would never find out.  Nope I just told him his fish missed their mommy and went back home to her.

Then I went to Petsmart and got healthy gorgeous guppies and they are awesome.  They are super active and things with the new fish are going swimmingly (hehe) well asides from the one snail (Gary) we got to clean up the tank, he died within like 6 hours (wth Gary!) But we are all happy with our new guppies who apparently don’t give a crap their moms lol!

Here is a small fess up about me, I hate the summer, the bugs, the heat, the sweat bleh I don’t care for it.  Give me winter all year round!  So of course I was super happy we got some snow this week!  Dean was so excited to play in it and he had a good time (and it wore him out, score!)  I literally took like 314 pictures but I will spare you and only post of a few here!  Here are my favorite pictures of Dean and my sister BeBe playing in the snow!


And my mommy Fess Up of the week is tonight while I was cooking dinner Dean and I both ate an Airhead, we both still ate our dinner so no harm done lol!  Also I let Dean watch Hercules at least 5 times this week.   And it’s 11:30 and I still have all the dinner dishes to wash….and cupcakes to make.  This might call for another Airhead ;)  Night!

So come on mommies Fess Up!!

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