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Sooooo this is my new project, one I have thought on for quite some time, one I really love.

This new section of the blog is called “Lovey Lane” and in our house a “Lovey” is a stuffed animal or blanket or anything that your little one sleeps with, can’t be without, or ones we slept with as children.  That teddy bear your child carries everywhere, or the blanket you had a child that is so loved it is falling apart, these are “Lovies” and there are quite a few in my family all with their own stories and I want to share them with you guys and my hope is that you will share too.

My hope is that you guys will start to send in pictures and stories of your Lovies and your children’s Lovies for me to share on here with everyone.

So go ahead and read this story about one of the many Lovies Dean has and next week I will have more to share with you and hopefully some of you guys will submit some for me to share with everyone too.

Thanks for reading and please submit your “Lovies” to


This is “Bunny” Dean’s first Lovey ever.  He got it for his second Easter and it was sooo soft and fuzzy and he loved rubbing his ears when he would sleep.  Recently Dean has traded Bunny in for a dragon but there are still days when only Bunny will fix it.  As you can see Bunny is so well loved he is no longer fuzzy any more.  His fur is matted from many nights of comforting a rough sleeper and what you can’t see if the chocolate stain on his back from when he and Dean decided to sneak a chocolate bar to bed.

Sometimes only Bunny can fix the boo boos or scare away the “Lobsters” (monsters).



This Bunny I will keep forever, even after Dean is grown and in college or has his own kids Bunny will still be around.

Bunny Lovey Lane

Please feel free to email your Lovies and their stories to

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  1. He is so cute with his Lovey. We have a long history of loveys in our household. I still have mine from when I was little, my little brother (now grown with a girl of his own) still has his and my mother still has hers!

    My little one has a million stuffed animals but there are two maybe three that she would die if something happened to them.

  2. That is just precious! I still have my blanket I slept with as a child. My husband has his bear. I tried giving my kids stuffed animals and blankets to sleep with, but they just haven’t :(. I’m going to keep trying though. LOL. It’s probably not something that can be forced. Thanks for sharing! I LOVE this idea!!

    1. Aww that’s soo sweet!!! Thank you for coming by and thank you for hosting, I will for sure come back and link up!

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