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Hey guys!! Today I have to tell you about one of my new favorite things!! I have seen subscription boxes all over the internet but none seemed right for me… until now!

Taste Of Home now has a subscription box!!!! I am so excited!! Finally a subscription box for me.

Taste of Home brings home cooks together with their website and amazing magazines and their goal is always to bring family and friends together through a love of delicious food.  And now they are celebrating their 25th anniversary, and what better way to celebrate then introducing their new https://www.shoptasteofhome.com/specialdelivery.

Each box is a surprise assortment of recipes and kitchen accessories and goodies everyone will love.

I got mine and I could barely wait to open it!

Taste Of Home-13

Each box contains a one of their amazing cookbooks filled with their best recipes that anyone can make!

Taste Of Home-9

You will also get cooking gadgets chosen by professionals to help making those recipes even easier.

I love that we get recipe cards for fabulous dishes in each box.

Taste Of Home-7

This is the Fall Special Delivery Box and I love everything in it!!

Taste Of Home-1

It is stuffed full of goodies!

Taste Of Home-2

I love these little magnets, especially the conversions one, I know I will be looking at that one over and over again lol.

Taste Of Home-3

I cannot wait to get baking with this Spicy Chocolate Cinnamon Cane Sugar, yum!!

 Taste Of Home-6

Multi Purpose Clips to keep all the millions of bags of snacks my kids open? Yes please!!

Taste Of Home-8

This Skoy Cloth is equivalent to 15 rolls of paper towels!!  I am so glad one was in my box to try out!

Taste Of Home-11

It may come as a surprise since I have been a food bloggers for almost 10 years but I never owned a microplane, until now!! I cannot wait to zest all the things!!  And there is nothing I love more than a good rubber spatula!! Look at this one, perfect size for getting in those corners of pots and pans.

Taste Of Home-5

This Epicurean cutting board might be my favorite thing.  It is the perfect size for when I just need to chop a little bit and not have to pull out a huge cutting board, and it fits perfectly in my drawer and it’s dishwasher safe? Best thing ever!

Taste Of Home-4

Of course I also got those recipe cards and that gorgeous cookbook I was talking about earlier.

The cookbook has so many great recipes, I cannot wait to try them all!  The photos are drool-worthy!

Taste Of Home-10

I could’t wait and grabbed that adorable cutting board and the book and got right to making this delicious chili, perfect for Fall!

Taste Of Home-14


I am so impressed and so thrilled with this box, it was a special delivery indeed!

You have to get this box for yourself so you can get a little surprise for yourself in the mail.  A subscription to Taste of Home Special Delivery Box also makes an amazing gift for the upcoming holiday season.  Anyone would be excited to get this as a gift!

So sign up and get yourself a Special Delivery today!!

Right now all customers who order at https://www.shoptasteofhome.com/specialdelivery
will get $5 off and free shipping on their FIRST subscription box. Order subscription to the box and also
receive a promo code for 20% off your next purchase on our store
https://www.shoptasteofhome.com (excludes subscriptions).

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