Top Non-Candy Halloween Treats

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Halloween is right around the corner and while it is known for trick or treating and dumping out plastic pumpkin buckets of candy on the floor at the end of the night, sometimes you need some non-candy alternatives so I have come up with this list of the Top Non-Candy Halloween Treats.

Top Non-Candy Halloween Treats

I love handing out full-sized candy bars to the trick-or-treaters who come to my house or when we have a trunk or treat but I also like to have some non-candy treats too.

Some schools actually prefer that you forgo the sugary treats in favor of non-food items due to food allergies and such.

That is why it is always handy to have a quick list of tried and true Halloween Candy Alternatives.

So I have compiled this list of my favorite non-candy treats to hand out to trick-or-treaters or take to school Halloween parties.  

These are always a hit, come in a good amount so perfect for classes and are pretty budget-friendly. 

This 12 Pack Stretchy Strings Toys are always a hit!  They are stretchy and come in fun Halloween shapes like witches, skeletons and pumpkins and in an assortment of colors.  They are priced great and kids love them.  Get the 12 Pack Stretchy Strings Toys here!

Okay this one is always a favorite with kids and you get 75 pieces!! These Halloween Slap Bracelets are fun and kids love them.  The large quantity makes them perfect for trick-or-treaters or trunk or treat. 

Halloween Stampers are something I get a lot of because they are very inexpensive and make great fillers for goodie bags for school.

You cannot beat the price on these Glow in the Dark Halloween Temporary Tattoos! You get over 400 of them!  I know my kids are always thrilled with temp tattoos and these glow in the dark!!

Now these Halloween Squishes are super popular right now.  All the kids want squishes are you will be the cool house this Halloween if you hand these out!

You only need one pack of these Halloween Bubble Wands for a classroom, you get soo many in a pack and for under $10!  Bubbles are always a hit with all ages and I love the color and little Halloween designs!

Of course there is nothing better to hand out for a school Halloween Party than these Pumpkin Erasers.  They are very inexpensive, you get a ton and kids always need erasers for school. 

This one might be my favorite!  Halloween Slinkies!  I will tell you kids are always excited to get these so these are a perfect choice to hand out.

These Halloween Squishy Balls or Halloween Stress Balls have been super popular lately and you get 24 for a really great price, perfect to hand out at school.  These come in a couple different colors and designs.

Just as popular as the squishy balls these Halloween Bouncy Balls are a classic and my kids can never get enough making them a great option to pass out.  I love the Halloween designs. 

You get 24 of these Halloween Springy Toys for under $10 and these are a little different than your usual goodie bag fillers so I love to pick them up.  The little designs are so cute!

You get 40 of these Halloween Rubber Bracelets making them perfect to hand out to trick-or-treaters or for trunk or treat.  These bracelets are always popular with the kids and I love the Halloween version. 

Now these are my sons absolute favorite thing!  These Halloween Sticky Slappers come in a bunch of different designs and you get a ton! These will sure be a popular one!

Is there anything kids love more than pop-its?  These Halloween Pop-Its are adorable and you get 24 for under $20 perfect for classroom goodie bags.  I love the little ghosts ones!

My son had a grand time with these Halloween Sticker Faces.  You get 54 and kids will love making their own spooky faces with these stickers.

So this Halloween season if you are looking for some alternatives to candy check out these fun treats that all your little ghouls and goblins will love!  Happy Halloween!!!


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