Pirate Map Schedule

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Pirate Map Schedule

Hey guys!!  Summer is winding down, school will be starting soon…  Now is the time to bust out one last awesome project this summer!

I was shopping in my favorite store ever!! Target!!  When the scent of new crayons and #2 pencils drew me to their awesome back to school section where I found some things I needed for my craft.

Glue is a must for any project and why would you buy any other brand but good old Elmer’s?  Oh and don’t forget to grab some Wet Ones because let’s face it crafting is messy!

So messy in fact that at select Targets in the Back To School section you can get Elmer’s Glue and Wet Ones in a combo pack together!! Mom’s dream come, true am I right? You make a mess with the glue, you clean it up with the Wet Ones, so genius to package them together!!

ElmersWet Ones

So back to the project!  Dean is so hard to keep on a schedule and he is at the age where he argues back when I tell him to do something.   He is super into pirates and maps right now, so what better way to keep him on track than a Pirate Map Schedule!?!

I just cut some foam board (yay school supply section) and glued brown paper to it.

Cover the board with brown paper

Then I wrote down all the things he needs to do in a day with a little pirate twist to them!

Label your map!

Then we had some fun decorating it with markers and gluing on these cute little pirate themed foam shapes.

Elmer's Glue

Don’t forget to use your Wet Ones for those messy hands, it cleans them up in a snap!

Messy Hands

Wet Ones

Voila!  Super easy, super fun to make and it really works!

Pirate Map Schedule

Dean cannot wait to check the map and see where his day is headed next.  It keeps him on track, it keeps me sane and it is just adorable and he had a ton of fun helping me color it and gluing the pieces on.

This is a great and fun way to keep your kids on schedule with this upcoming school season and it is sure to be a great project to keep them busy on their last days of summer vacation.

How are you keeping your little ones busy these last days of summer?  Any fun projects?

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  1. This is so adorable – what a wonderful mother you are! My children are long past this stage, but I was just sitting here thinking this would be a great idea for a birthday party — to sort of “map out” what will happen at the party, especially beneficial for little ones who get anxious in a new environment when they don’t know what is going to happen.

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