Beyond Breakfast With Jimmy Dean

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 This post was sponsored by Jimmy Dean and Mom It Forward.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Hey yall!!  Today I want to share with you some amazing products I found in my freezer section at Walmart, Jimmy Dean Delights and Bowls and Sandwiches!  That’s right, Jimmy Dean has gone beyond breakfast to bring you some amazing sandwiches and bowls for lunch and dinner options that come in 16 delicious varieties, including 4 bowls and 4 sandwich varieties under 300 calories each!

Jimmy Dean 1

These Jimmy Dean sandwiches and bowls are not only incredibly delicious but are full of protein and provide a great slow cooked taste right from the microwave making your lunch, dinner or snack time super scrumptious.

Jimmy Dean 2

My family is always on the go and busy and these meals are perfect for those days that are just too busy, I can just pop one in the microwave and out pops an amazing meal with quality you can taste.  With flavors like pulled pork, bacon mac & cheese, pretzel buns and more there is something for everyone!

I could not wait to press start on the microwave and give these tasty dishes a try.

Jimmy Dean Southwest Grilled Chicken Bowl

First up was this amazing Southwest Style Grilled Chicken Bowl.  I am a sucker for anything Southwest so I couldn’t wait to try this one.  Tender grilled chicken, rice, peppers, roasted corn and black beans all in a tangy sauce made a tastebud explosion in my mouth.  It was perfectly delicious and hit the spot and I could not believe that it was only 250 calories!  It made for a great quick lunch.

Jimmy Dean Smoked Turkey Breast

This Hickory Smoked Turkey Breast with sharp cheddar cheese and sliced applewood smoked bacon was lunch perfection on a soft country bun.  It was so fresh tasting I could not believe it came from the microwave. The turkey was thick and tasted like it came right off the Thanksgiving table.   It went from freezer to my tummy in no time and with 24 grams of protein it got me through the rest of my day.  This is my new go to lunch for sure!

Jimmy Dean Three Cheese Pasta

Three Cheese Pasta for only 300 calories?!  Dream come true!  Mozzarella, Parmesan and Cheddar come together to create an amazingly creamy pasta that you can have piping hot and ready for lunch in minutes.  And at 300 calories it is all the melty, cheesy goodness you want without the guilt!

Jimmy Dean Ham and Cheese

Sometimes we just want a little snack and these Smoked Ham and Cheese on Pretzel Rolls fit the bill!  Minutes to make and you have a snack of thick smoked ham, sharp melty cheddar cheese all on a pretzel bun, what more could you ask for?  They also make a quick lunch and you can have both for only 290 calories.  Yum!!

Jimmy Dean Pulled Pork

This was a favorite of mine!  Tender pulled pork smothered in sweet tangy bbq sauce all mixed in with perfectly cooked golden potatoes was heaven from the microwave.  It took no time to prepare and smelled amazing!!  It was filling, fresh and full of high quality ingredients.  I was in love!!

I cannot wait to try the other varieties since all the ones we have tried have been huge success.

Next time you are in Walmart head over to the frozen section and grab yourself a few of these or all of them!!  You know you will always be just minutes away from a high quality fresh and filling meal full of flavor to feed your busy family!

Which one are excited to try?

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  1. I have seen some of these advertise on tv, but have not tried them yet. They do look very yummy! I am always looking for some options to keep in the freezer for a quick lunch or when the day has been long and want something for the family to just pop in the microwave for dinner.

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