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Hey guys!!  I have not officially announced it here on the blog yet but I am pregnant with my second baby!!!  We are soo excited and we get to find out the gender this weekend!  I can’t wait!

When I was pregnant with Dean my pregnancy was a piece of cake.  I gagged one time but aside from that no morning sickness or anything.  I felt perfect until week 24 when I got PUPPS.  That is a horrible rash that pregnant women get and it is awful (especially in the heat of summer which is when I got mine, ugh)  But aside from that the pregnancy was a dream.

So of course I didn’t expect this pregnancy to be any different and boy was I wrong.  I have felt like a zombie, I have no energy. I am hormonal and I am puking which is new to me.  I also have raging heartburn that last till like 3 am which does not help my fatigue.

Everything is so different this time, everyone says that means it will be a girl!  But I’m pretty sure I’m baking another rambunctious boy in there (we shall see soon!)

This mama to be was more than thrilled when I was shopping at Target and came across their new pre/post natal section (in the feminine hygiene aisle)

healthy mama in Target

It was filled with lots of goodies to make use mamas feel good and help us through some these difficult ailments that strike us down during and after pregnancy.

I was really drawn to the healthy mama® line.  These products are great for mamas because they are geared specifically towards our special needs.

I especially love their Calm The Crazy herbal tea.  It really helps with my nausea.  It is specially blended with spearmint, peppermint, chamomile and raspberry leaf, all known to help with the queasies.  It really help me and taking a few minutes to myself to have a nice tea also helps me relax.  I love it!

How to brew healthy mama

Whenever I feel a little bleh and my tummy starts turning I just make a mug of this delicious tea and start to feel better right away!

Calm the Crazy

When I hit my second trimester I thought the nausea would go away, not so much.  Except now it brought it’s friend heartburn.  My heartburn was keeping me up till 3 am, nothing was working!  I would be dozing sitting up straight against my pillows at 2 am.  It was killing me, I literally was scared to eat anything!  So while in the pre/postnatal section at Target I spotted happy mama® Tame The Flame! antacid.

Tame the Flame

  It has the #1 OB/GYN recommended active ingredient and does an awesome job at banishing heartburn, indigestion and upset or sour stomach.  I love it and it has been a lifesaver.  No more late nights of waiting for the burn to disappear!

Healthy Mama tame the flame

They also have other amazing products like

Boost it up, a caffeine free protein energy drink for pregnant and nursing mamas to help give them energy and calm any nausea, double score!!

Shake the ache, a gentle on your stomach pain reliever.

Move it along, which helps with constipation that comes with pregnancy and especially those scary days after delivery when we all need a little push to move it to along!

Nip the nausea, organic nausea relieving drops, perfect anytime morning sickness creeps up on you.

Be Well Rounded!™ Premium Dye Free Prenatal Vitamin DHA Supplement Combo pack made to be gentle on our already ravaged tummies.

Make the Milk! a delicious organic tea to help promote healthy lactation.

I love this line and I love how Target now has this section for us mommies, it is so nice to have products made just for us that we can trust and can help us through some of these tough times.

So if you are due, planning to conceive or if you just had a baby and or nursing you can head to Target and pick up some healthy mama® products for everything you need to make this magic time in your life more comfortable!

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