January 6th 2012

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Built a fort with B

Got hot and got undressed

Took an old wrapping paper tube and went at the Christmas tree like a piñata (yes my Christmas tree is still up)

Discovered he could poke all sorts of stuff with above said paper tube.

He is just all sorts of crazy!

Watched Toy Story 2 again (65th time -_-)

Dumped ice water on himself

Fought me tooth and nail to get dressed

Naptime (YES!)

He’s the rootinest tootinest cowboy in the wild wild west (I’d kill to see Toy Story or Toy Story 3, but we are stuck on 2)

Got hold of cheese puffs unbeknownst to me, until I spotted orange handprints everywhere

Ate all his fruit for dinner (YAY!)

Gave all his chicken to the dog (BOO!)

Played mini cymbals

Got in the bath and played with his bathtub Thomas the Train

Laid in bed while daddy and I read to him

Was still awake at midnight when we checked on him, but gave us the biggest smile, so we gave him more kisses and he went to sleep:)

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