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Though this is my Thanksgiving post from before it still captures my family’s Thanksgiving perfectly.

I love to spend a few quiet hours on the sofa with my family, big fluffy cinnamon rolls and the parade before all the cooking madness begins.  We then get all dressed up and head over to my grandparent’s house where the house is bustling with people.  The spare bed is covered with everyone’s dressiest coats and purses.  We have outgrown the one dining room table and now have two card tables along with the regular table in order to fit our growing family. The piano is covered in pies and other desserts.  My uncle fills the glasses with water while my grandpa stands in the kitchen slicing the ham and turkey and offering up a taste of crispy skin to whoever wanders in.  The kids pour over the newspaper ads deciding which toys to ask Santa for. The water glasses, tiny dishes of olives and the sound of high heels on the hardwood floor symbolize this is much more than a regular dinner.  We all sit down together and after every dish is passed around we can all eat the huge meal that each of us had a hand in making.  Of course the card table in the hall which seats the younger guys in our family will be rowdy as usual, cutting up and trying to make the ones of us sitting at the big table laugh.

After dinner everyone scatters to clean, nap or relax after such a big meal.  Us girls manage to drag our selves up and get the coffee started and set out the vast array of desserts.  After the last slice of pie is eaten we girls round up the days newspaper to scan the Black Friday ads and decide if we are going to brave the early morning cold to stand in line to score some deals.  Between you and me standing in line at 2 o’clock in the morning laughing and drinking hot chocolate is better than the deals.

As we gather up our dressy coats, our lipstick is long gone, our high heels are in hand as our feet are too sore to wear them any longer we head home full of good food and good family.  Each year is the same and each year some catastrophe occurs on that day making it more memorable than the last, whether its spilled gravy on shoes, slugs (don’t ask) or cranberry fights I wouldn’t change any of it as it is my family’s Thanksgiving and I love every minute of it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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