Back to School with Jimmy Dean and State Fair

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jimmy Dean®. The opinions and text are all mine.

State Fair Jimmy Dean

Hey guys!! Summer is winding down and everyone is getting in some last beach days, a few more splashes in the pool and those end of summer BBQs. Us mamas are busy gearing up for back to school.

This is Dean’s first year in school and this mama is nervous! I have stocked up on crayons and pencils and all that good stuff but I am most concerned about getting to school on time!

I have some plans in mind to help get us out the door in time (we are currently late sleepers lol)

Of course I gathered all the tips and tricks I could from other moms, family members and Pinterest!

It doesn’t seem too difficult, I just need to make sure everything is done the night before, homework done, lunch packed, bag packed and clothes laid out. I also shower Dean the night before to shave off minutes in the morning.

If your kids are hard to wake up make it fun, wake them up with tickles, or a morning dance party, anything to get their little butts outta bed and moving.

With these tips and tricks all I have to worry about is getting Dean dressed, teeth brushed and fed, everything else was done the night before!

Now breakfast has been a worry of mine, how to get a filling, nutritious breakfast in him when time is short? Then I discovered Jimmy Dean Breakfast at Walmart.
While I was there shopping for school supplies I made a trip down the frozen aisle for some breakfast ideas and I was not disappointed!

I let Dean choose and he picked out Pancake and Sausage on a Stick and Sausage, Egg and Cheese Croissants (yum!).

Back to School with State Fair and Jimmy Dean

Into our basket they went!

These are going to be such a lifesaver on those busy mornings! Just a few minutes in the microwave and we can have warm cheesy croissants with sausage and egg or fun Pancakes and Sausage on a stick perfect for dipping in warm syrup.

Dean loves the Pancakes and Sausage on a stick for breakfast.

Pancake and sausage sticks

I love the Croissants as an easy breakfast before getting him ready for school.

Jimmy Dean, yum!

Since these heat up in just minutes, it allows Dean and I to sit and enjoy breakfast together before school which I love!

Now that we have covered before school I am sure you know that after school is another story. The kids come home starving and need a snack before settling into homework, or maybe something to energize them before soccer practice.

While I was shopping at Walmart in the frozen section I also came across these State Farm Corn Dogs. My boys love corn dogs and I knew these would be the perfect thing to keep in the freezer for after school or even a quick dinner on busy nights.

You can heat these up in just minutes in the microwave or oven and they are the perfect snack with dipping sauces and some veggies.

Corn Dogs

I am so glad to have my freezer stocked with these amazing meals. I also love that I can pick them up right alongside the school supplies we need at Walmart.

So fill your freezers and be prepared for back to school with Jimmy Dean and State Farm!

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