Dean January 5th 2012

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Today was a pretty normal day, the usual amount of trouble and laughs!

  • Ate lunch at his big boy table
  • Played my laptop with his feet
  • Learned the song “Chirp Chirp, Tweet Tweet”
  • Snuggled on the sofa with me and watched Toy Story 2 (64th time)
  • Jumped off his pirate ship, ran and tackled B to the ground, stood up and growled, causing us to laugh too hard to even talk
  • Turned the lights off on me while I was brushing my teeth
  • Turned the lights off on me while fixing my makeup
  • Stole apples off the bar and fed them to the dog
  • Took his arm out of his shirt and squirted sweet potatoes on himself
  • Dumped juice on the kitchen rug
  • Did the “bootie pop” dance to Team Umizoomi
  • Made us play with his toy instruments and took them away if we didn’t play them constantly, then demoted us to triangle duty if we didn’t play right
  • Called daddy to tell him goodnight and kissed the phone
  • Fought me to get pajamas on then promptly had a leaky poopy diaper in them -_-
  • Ran away from me naked while I was getting the powder, and peed on the kitchen floor (which my bare feet found later)
  • Read his dump truck book to me, snuggled down beside me ready for bed
  • Gave me kisses goodnight
  • Went to sleep with Woody, Buzz and Ham

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