Jalapeno Chicken Crescents

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Creamy, cheesy, spicy chicken is wrapped in flaky crescents are the perfect dinner or appetizer!

Hey guys!  I have got a super simple recipe for you today.  My family loves jalapeno chicken, I have shared the recipe HERE before and it is a family staple because it is so easy to make and a real crowdpleaser.

Jalapeno Chicken Roll Ups (1 of 1)

Don’t let the name fool you it is not very spicy at all, you can, however, add more spice to it if you’re down with that.

Now the original Jalapeno Chicken recipe is served over rice or as a dip but I got the idea to put that delicious filling into my most favorite ingredient on Earth canned crescent rolls.

Crescent rolls are my jam!  They can be used a million ways and are always delicious.

So back to the recipe, I got two little boys so sometimes (haha I mean all the time) dinner needs to be quick, and definitely easy and nothing is easier than these Jalapeno Chicken Crescents.

Jalapeno Chicken Crescents, yum (1 of 1)

These come together even quicker if you have some leftover chicken, or if you grab a rotisserie chicken from the store.

Jalapeno Chicken Crescents (1 of 1)

Now to make this filling a little more stable so it can stay in its buttery crescent cocoon I swapped out the cream of chicken from the original recipe for cream cheese.

These come together in minutes and make a perfect dinner with a little side salad (or some mac & cheese, let’s be honest everything is better with mac & cheese) or as a light lunch or the perfect appetizer.

Jalapeno Chicken Crescent (1 of 1)

Jalapeno Chicken Crescent Rolls (1 of 1)

Save this recipe for any crazy busy nights you have or whenever you want a comforting meal with a little kick!


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