Fess Up Friday!

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Soo as moms we all have secrets and confessions and things we are not too proud of, maybe your kid ate a bowl of popcorn and a popsicle for dinner last night, maybe your toddler pooped on the floor and your dog ate it (ugh guilty!), maybe you use wayyyyy more than the recommended amount of wipes to clean a hiney (guilty there too!)  So come on and fess up, what is your mommy confession of the week?

Mine is my sippy cup cabinet.  It is slammed full, I never get rid of them, I just cram more in there.  They have even overflowed to the the top of the cabinet (the danger cabinet we call it as it houses our scissors and super glue and anything else that needs to be kept far far away from little hands).  And yes cups tumbled out when I opened it to take the picture.

So my mommy confession this week is I am a sippy cup hoarder, and a messy one at that!!!!

Your turn!!!! Fess up ladies!!!


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    1. Lol, at least you never have to scramble for one ( I always do and end up writing with crayon lol)

    1. Welcome!!!! If you have 3 boys I am sure you have a ton to confess, go for it!!

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