Fess Up Friday

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It’s that time of the week again Friday!!!!! It’s the weekend!!!!! But then I remember this…..



But it is time to fess up, oh the barrage of mommy confessions this week, the foul language my toddler used, the forgotten sunscreen, how Dean fell asleep naked in a beanbag because I was busy blogging :(  But today I will share with you my “dirty” secret.  This pile is behind my bedroom door sometimes it shrinks but mostly is grows.  We honestly could not find Dean the other day, we could just hear him giggling and he was hidden between 2 clothes baskets!  Folding laundry is just low on the things to do list and usually time runs out before we get to it, but hey my door hides it, so it’s all good lol!



And I have one other small thing to share today that I just paid attention to, this sign is above my kitchen sink.  I am thinking it might be time to take it down, however, it has been there since Christmas before last #decorfail



So come on and share!!  Fess up ladies!

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    1. Thanks Ashley!!! So glad you stopped by!! Going to check out your site now!!

  1. My pile of clothes is right on teh dresser for display as soon as you walk into the room. I still have tape on the walls with strands of garland still stuck to them, LOL. I know, Fridays used to be fun… I just told hubby we had to go to a 50th bday party for his friend, I NEED to get out with adults and drink!

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